EverydayHappyThree things that most people are curious about Celebrities new born babies: first is the gender, next is the physical feature and lastly, the parents chosen name for their neo. However, the most talk about is the “NAME.” Opinion will rise whether it is negative and positive base on names alone. Unconsciously, we are all fascinate to know someone else name. For we simply used names to define an individual. Sometimes we try to incorporate names of a person to their behavior. Could it be that Names are not just tags given by our parents? Perhaps names are powerful influential in one’s life. If it is proven then it means that “Names Does Matter.”

  Almost everyone is aware that names have meanings. Some careless about it but for others it serves as inspiration. Should we consider the definition of our names? The answer is YES and NO. How is it possible? Let us check the scripture on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. It’s the famous prayer of Jabez that changed his life. According to Pastor Jentezen Franklin on one of his sermons, during the old testament time some caregiver or parents would study the character first of their child then name them after. In verse 9 of 1 Chronicles chapter 4 is an evidence of what we have been tackling here. The meaning of Jabez is “Pain” (NKJV). So, connecting one’s personality to their name is not new anymore, and it’s not bad at all if we do not pass judgment. Yap! There is a huge difference in judging and analyzing. Studying this verses, I am assuming that Jabez could be an illegitimate child. Probably, his biological father forgotten to blessed him with something such as property. Since giving birth is not easy, and very challenging I will still eliminate the reason of giving the name Jabez. Why? Well, the mother already knew that labor is a serious commitment, because we could really see that Jabez have brothers in verse 9. It is true that the Holy Scripture does not indicate Jabez is the eldest or youngest, but it is not a good reason to name her son, agony. Although the mother said that she ‘bore Jabez in pain,’ it is still not enough to conclude that she is talking about labor (1 Chronicles 4:9). In the old testament, C-section is an alien procedure for it does not exist before. All pregnant women has the concept of giving birth (Genesis 3:15). However, we can also presume that Jabez could be born with special needs. Whatever the reason of Jabez’s biological mom by naming him Pain is Not So Loving at all. Every time she call the name of her son is proclaiming curse in Jabez’s and her life too. Jabez is the short cut of saying Pain, suffering, agony, etc. When we replace Jabez name into its real meaning it will go like this: Pain (Jabez), would you please get me some water. Got the idea? So, Yes!!! This is one of the factors that we should take into consideration before naming our beloved child/children. There are two questions that we should able to answer clearly with confidence in deciding which name we give to our offspring: first, what is the meaning of the name? Whether it’s fad, traditional, or combined names, we should be careful in choosing names. Secondly, would our kid/kids be shameful or proud in having the chosen name for the rest of their lives? Most of the time parents forget that giving names is not about them, it is all about their new born baby. Regardless, the love story that a couple shared to each other does not give them a license to appoint a ridiculous name combination, or funny pet names to their future child/children . Pets cannot reason out but kiddos do. 

The meaning of names matter because it is either releasing a curse or blessing to someone we love. Analyzing the prayer of Jabez is giving us an idea on how he longs to be bless. Remember Jabez is equal to Pain which means his life is a curse. Continuing reading the Holy Bible in verse 10 of 1 Chronicles 4, we could see that Jabez cried out to God. He prayed and believed in God to bless him, enlarge his territory, to guide him, but most of all Jabez requested that he will not cost Pain to anyone. Ah, that petition truly touched the heart of God. The Lord didn’t just heard Jabez prayer but He answered. Did anyone noticed that Jabez’s name remain the same? The forefathers such as Abram got a new name into Abraham, Jacob to Israel and many more. However, our Creator never altered Jabez name BUT the Lord turned his life into a prosperous, joyful individual. So, No!!! It is not necessary to change one’s name. If a person prefer to change their name or not it does not really matter as long the curse is broken. The curse can only be broken through the power of Jesus Christ. For it is written that Jesus Christ “is greater than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4, NKJV).” Meaning, no curse names can stop what God has prepared for us as long we have the right relationship with Jesus Christ.

  Let us be straight forward, names can be pick on by someone else or by a group of people especially in school. Nowadays, people can change their names into something they desire more. However, if they have been bullied about their names, it will not be easy to get rid from all negative emotions they felt. Guess what? Those children that suffered from harrasment most likely blame or hate their parent/s or to anyone who suggested their names. Would anyone like to be in that position? Of course, Not. So, let us be wise in choosing names. I am pretty sure that Jabez teased by his own brothers, because his own mother despises his existence. From the given verses, did we read any helped that was offered by Jabez’s brother? NOTHING! No rescued from his own family. If Jabez was looked down by his own siblings and mother, how much more his neighbor? Maybe a selective people helped him in some way but not all the way. The point is, names can be a door way of how a person perceive his own life. It is also how the society view an individual. So, it is really beyond mocking someone else name. Another question should be answered by everyone who is suggesting or giving a name; Will this name be a pathway to success or not? For in reality there are “discrimination” in names. For instance, an interviewer can make an instant decision of whether an applicant deserves a job interview by just reading their first name. This is another factor to considerate in choosing names. Believe it or not, unfairness also takes place in terms of name.

Name is not just identity of an individual because it has a meaning attach to it. Should we measure a person based on their name’s definition? It suppose not to, but there are some people do. Sadly, to say but the society sometimes dictates favoritism based on names. It is important to know that the meaning of a name has a significant value in one’s life. Names speak about our behavior or character and talents. It also brings life or death, curse or blessings like Jabez’s life. However, unpleasant definition of names such as Jabez can be reverse only if we have Jesus Christ in our lives who is the “Only” way, the truth and the life (John 14:6, NKJV). Above all, I am encouraging everyone who is about to be a parent/s to consider the meaning of names before making a final decision. This article is only a suggestion because everyone has the right to choose. However, let us not set aside names and their meanings. For every life has a story to tell in which we stand and measured by others both positive and negative. In other words, we make history with our names engrave to every human being we come across. For those who cannot or do not wish to change their names the only hope is through believing in Jesus Christ. If God call the stars by their special names then we should not disregard the meaning of names (Psalm 147:4). You might ask me the reason why, and my answer is found in Genesis 1:27 that God created us after His image. In Short, we are specially created by God. So, why settle for less? Forget about the names of our favorite actors, singers or any icon. If their pseudonym or real ones has curse attach with it then we should DEATTACHED to it. Why? Because Name Does Matter.


  • Would you believe that a person’s name matters?

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