How to Deal with our Lives Routine

HostGator Web Hosting IMG_2363Have you ever wonder Why God allow the sun to come up and go down then the same thing will happen on the next day? Well, you are not alone. I am pretty sure that this question is lingering to every human being. Normally, we raise such question because of our daily routines that some are tiring to deal with or whatever other reasons we may have. However, how many of us wonder about God’s reason of making the sun and moon follow a repetitive pattern? There is something about “REPETITION” that the Lord wants us to know. Whether the load is overbearing or the day is difficult to face, let us not be quick to conclude that there is no hope for tomorrow because “There are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).” For instance, my 3-year-old precious toddler back then asked me about “why God made morning and evening then morning and evening again, because it does make her dizzy.” Yap! She is one funny intelligent kid. My retort to her, “Well, God loves routine so, He made the sun to give us light to enjoy exploring God’s creation. He made the moon at night for us to relax our mind and body. So, the next morning we have the super strength to explore again and that’s why we need evening to have rest from the whole day of work.” Maybe my answer is suitable for toddlers. Is it really exclusively for kids understanding? After all, we are all bound to do our own business in life. However, when we go beyond the words and human understanding, God wants us to be explorer with Him by our side. Am I suggesting to be like Dora the explorer or Diego. Of course, Not! What I am trying to convey that life is more than the task we do. The Lord wants us to be HIS witness on HIS faithful promises through our regular schedules (Psalm 145:13). I am pretty sure there are lots of Articles out there about Spicing or Updating our Daily Tasks. In the same manner, I would also love to add-on and share some suggestions on How to Deal with our Lives Routine.

  1. Rebooting our Mindset.

  Many of the motivational speakers would speak about Changing on how we think about ourselves and to our surroundings. I totally support with those concept that everyone should have positive thinking because it is healthy and attractive. Would anyone like to hang around with negative people? It is hard to be part of undesirable group, because it invites depression, insomnia, headache etc. We all have personal dealings and we do not want adding some baggage on our shoulder. Would you agree with me? Rebooting our Mindset is the best way to start with. I always say seek God’s first but with a right mind because it produces right attitude of worship. Remember Cain in the Holy Bible where he burned an offering to God but the Lord rejected his worship because of his wrong character (Genesis 4:5). A proper mindset produces a right kind of heart or personality which is also carried on how we speak and response. Moreover, a healthy thinking helps an individual to have positive outlook in life. Rebooting the mindset brings victory, success and overflowing joy in life.

  1. Self-Important Notice.

  From time to time we also find ourselves fed up. When these emotions are not shut down in proper way, it will be like a balloon waiting to pop any time soon. Surely, it will have lots of ugly duckling coming out through releasing hurtful words, doing unpleasant actions or even making decisions out of the blue. These negative emotions towards our work does affect our personality that could damage relationships and reputations. So, how to manage these feelings? By having Self Important Notice. Conditioning oneself into a thinking that God has entrusted everyone with particular job to Glorify His Name is crucial. For instance, being a home maker is committing into a scheduled tasks every day and weekly fixated routine. It means being a wife and a mother is a non-stop sacrifices. After a day of work others have a chance to relax but a home maker the job seems unending. My point is letting oneself to know their importance makes a huge difference in viewing life. When we start to embrace our importance we become an instrument of inspiration to others especially towards our love ones. Taking a note about our existence is paving a way in accomplishing things with love and joy. Remember one of the Lord’s greatest commandments is to ‘love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:35-40).’ How can we show love and care if we do not love our own selves? Never be guilty of pointing out QUIETLY the importance of our existence in this world.

  1. Be on Others Shoes.

What has something to do with our topic of being on others shoes? Well, this suggestion is a reminder that though we place ourselves important to our environment, we still need to make sure that our feet is on the ground. Being on someone else responsibilities or life teaches us many good things. What are those?

A.) No Room for Comparison.

avon my logo jpg  A great example are the two brothers in the Holy Bible: Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25: 24-34. Esau’s occupation is a Hunter. Being a skillful man, Esau won his Father’s heart. Whereas Jacob has a woman touched who is greatly influenced by his mother. So, Jacob does not really mind to be a chef and a helper around the house. Oh yes!!! Having a man fulfilling a woman’s job is not a new thing for the Scripture tell us so. However, Jacob desired all the privileges and blessings that Esau predestined to have. One day, Esau was tired and hungry, so, he asked for food. But Jacob made a deal to sell Esau’s birthright to him. In the mind of Esau it is only a phony talk, so he agreed. At the end Esau blindsided by his twin brother and lost his ultimate blessing. How this happened? Esau overlooked Jacob’s worked. He compared his manly task over Jacob’s responsibility. Esau thought that his brother’s feminine job is not important as his. God honors what we say and do, and HE does not have favoritism. It is the same manner on how we look at others. We often compare ourselves to the people around us with the things we do, our accomplishments, degrees, professions, our own abilities, talents and so on. As if the work we do is far more important than others. Not knowing that we give so much room of death in our relationships inside our house, towards our co-worker, to the people around us and to the community.  At the end, we lost the joy of being alive. If we believe that all insects has its own purposes then we should start seeing others importance as well.

B.) Sacrificial Task.

Melody Faith Morales Graduates from Kindergarten @ PCA, in College Point, NY 6/16/15 Personally, this suggestion is INSPIRED from my own experienced with my beloved husband that opened my eyes into a reality. What’s that reality? It is the truth that all of us CAN help each other by aiming to ACCOMPLISH and SUCCEED “FOR” others obligation. In short, “Sacrificial Task” is doing something for others without expecting in return. A great illustration in this topic is the life of Ruth and Naomi. Ruth is the widowed daughter-in-law of Naomi. Though Ruth is free to go restart her life, she chose to stay and to looked  after Naomi (Ruth 1:16). Why we should do such thing? Sacrificial Task is Being On Others Shoes which means it is a humbling journey while committing ourselves to carry of someone else’s obligation/s even just once in a blue moon. Why not try? After all, there is nothing too loose in sacrificing oneself of having the WILL to do something for others. The most beneficial we can get from this method is Understanding that produces Love. Love cancel out measurement of who’s doing more or not and it also brings-out R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  1. Embrace Life.

  How to “Embrace Life” with our everyday routine?  It is simple as saying “Thank You.” That’s right!!! A gratitude heart is an act of worship that becomes a sweet scent to God. Maybe some of us complain that we do the dishes day after day. However, isn’t a blessing to think that we washed dishes because it indicates to us that we just ate a meal or a delicious snack? Perhaps some of us complain about our work whereas there are others who are jobless. Some does not want to come home with their annoying family, but there are people out there wanting to have one. Am I suggesting to be happy and grateful to God about our daily work? Yes!!! No matter how much or how big the difficulty in facing our task we should have a “Thankful Heart.” In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (NIV).” We all know that life is not perfect but it always goes down to our Choices. Are we going to choose to stay miserable or not when negative feelings or circumstances strikes us? What change need to be done to reach another level in life that would create a positive impact within ourselves and to our surroundings?  We may not able to change our daily routines in a snap of our fingers, but we can CHOOSE on how we RESPONSE or deal with things in a constructive manner. Even in REPETITIVE Tasks we can find humor, something new or interesting. Questions and steps can go on and on, but the Choices we make is the key to whether embrace life or not.

Never let the media, anyone, anything or even ourselves pollute our souls that everyday lives routine is plain or dull. There is special about daily work and that is God and YOU as individual. Whether the task is light or overbearing it is our LIVES that keep everything around us together. The world will never be the same without our commitment to do things for others. It will never be an Authentic YOU without your Will to commit and make a difference. God never intended to make us like robots though days follow by weeks, months and years repetitively. We may not understand the Lord’s way completely, but I must say that God is speaking to us through repetition. If daily task is our everyday commitment then it is also a CONSTANT reminder that God is also NON-STOP Committed about HIS Sufficient Grace to us in each day (2 Corinthians 12:9).


  • Will you agree that in our lives routine God’s grace is still present?

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