How to Apply Day Time Blue Eye Shadow

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“My Go-To Blue Eye Shadow Make-up Routine”

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 There was a time I had a combat with women , and it was really a misunderstanding. Nothing Physical happened, but a fight through the power of e-mails. Yap! I fought back and I am not proud of it. During that time, I was thinking that I was the right one, and they should be punish by God. However, I realized it doesn’t matter anymore who is the good or the bad when hate becomes the center of our hearts. After all, Jesus said to love our enemies (Matthew 5:44). Yikes! I lost the battle because I fought with anger which released hateful words. So, I repented, and I’ve learned that the best way to end a non-stop bullying e-mail is to NOT REPLY at all. Yes!!! Be Silent.     

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Maybe those girls ran out of options to talk bad things about me, so, they decided to pick on my picture that I sent to their e-mail address. This was one of my wrong actions. Anyway, I just laughed at their comments because according to them “blue eye shadows are so 80’s.” So what! Fashions and Make-ups are not measurement of WHO is “in or out” in our society. It is our own decision to make, if we follow or not the trends. If we allow current Looks and Styles to be the driver in our community then we lose our individuality. These fads are laid before us as a “suggestion.” In other words, it is NOT mandatory to be on trend all the time.

Make-up Photograph by: Efren Landaos Make-up palette: Clinique      Make-up Photograph by: Efren Landaos YouTube Channel: Precious Issa Pink blush-on and Dark blue Eyeshadow:  (Clinique Make-up Palette) Eyeshadow Pencil: Highlight - Smooth Minerals, Limestone (

Blue shadows might be out dated but no one will stop me from loving my blue eye shadow make-up routine. After all, I was born in 1980’s.Smiling face

Please Watch my YouTube Channel on How I apply the Blue Eye Shadow




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