Church Outfits Controversy

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Did anyone notice some Christian YouTubers are making Vlogs about Church Outfits, and have you wonder the reasons? Some people may have the idea, so, they tend to make some suggestions through videos, and blogs such as my platform… hahaha!!! Dressing up inside the Church  does stimulate opinions that most of the time, it end up with so much judgement and remorse within the Body of Christ. Yikes!!!! Pointing fingers to each other as if everyone else deserve to be doom in hell except themselves. Well, they are not hypocrites. Both sides are fighting for what they think it should be. Basically, everyone is rallying for nothing. Yap! As much it is controversial it is also pointless to exchange hurtful words.  There is one question I believe that anyone should have a unify answer, and that is: Should the Church need to have a DRESS CODE??? Well, let’s find out  by watching this video…

So, What do you think??? Do you think it is simple to follow or is it too demanding??? Regarding Church Outfits people should never entertain an argument that creates bitterness and strife both within us and to the Church.. It is not  healthy to be judgmental and angry with each other.  Frankly, there is no right or wrong in styling oneself. It is the matter on HOW SHOULD BE AN INDIVIDUAL HAVE THE AWARENESS OF WHAT PARTICULAR FASHION SHOULD BE  APPLIED IN A PLACE. Think of a scenario that a person has a job interview. Do you think it is appropriate to wear a bathing suit during the interview? What will be the end result? The interviewer might call a security for their protection, and to escort the interviewee out from the building. Oooo… Harsh… What else could happen? People might misinterpret or misjudge the person. Isn’t true that there are people measure someone base on their clothing? Although most of us would end up saying that we do not care what other says. Really??? Somewhere deep inside us  really care what other people perceive or say about us. Surely, that everyone is welcome inside the Church, but we all should never remain as we were. Just like I’ve said before that following these simple suggestions from the video we saw, and applying it with our personal style it could be a ticket into a harmonious Church members for both old fashion group and fashionistas inside the Chapel.

Whatever our standing, I believe that everything has it’s own place and time, and it includes our fashion sense inside the Church. After all, the House of God is where we meet our Savior, so, why not show our style that Glorifies the name of the Lord.

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