Product Review: Avon Makeup Setting Spray

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Pretty sure many of us tried makeup setting spray from different companies. Whether it is branded or not the only thing that we are seeking for is a setting spray that really works.

Photographed by: Efren S. Landaos Avon Make-up Setting Spray:     The product I’ve used at the ball ( a party sponsored by the company I am working at) was the setting spray from Avon. The product is 2 ounces (60 ml), and the bottle is made of plastic. There is no scent when it is sprayed on the face. However, just for curiosity there is a slightly distinct alcohol aroma when it is directly smelled from the bottle. There is a good amount of product you will get once it is sprayed over the face. Please follow the directions because I had my fair share for not complying. I sprayed the product about 2 inches away. Guess what? It seems I drizzled tons of spray net on my face. Yikes!!! Although it was uncomfortable the feeling  didn’t last long. Eventually, it faded. The AVON make-up setting spray does work! It held my make-up very well. In spite, I danced all night with my beloved husband my make-up didn’t ran down from my eyes and face. Awesome product for a great price


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