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Did anyone notice some Christian YouTubers are making Vlogs about Church Outfits, and have you wonder the reasons? Some people may have the idea, so, they tend to make some suggestions through videos, and blogs such as my platform… hahaha!!! Dressing up inside the Church  does stimulate opinions that most of the time, it end up with so much judgement and remorse within the Body of Christ. Yikes!!!! Pointing fingers to each other as if everyone else deserve to be doom in hell except themselves. Well, they are not hypocrites. Both sides are fighting for what they think it should be. Basically, everyone is rallying for nothing. Yap! As much it is controversial it is also pointless to exchange hurtful words.  There is one question I believe that anyone should have a unify answer, and that is: Should the Church need to have a DRESS CODE??? Well, let’s find out  by watching this video…

So, What do you think??? Do you think it is simple to follow or is it too demanding??? Regarding Church Outfits people should never entertain an argument that creates bitterness and strife both within us and to the Church.. It is not  healthy to be judgmental and angry with each other.  Frankly, there is no right or wrong in styling oneself. It is the matter on HOW SHOULD BE AN INDIVIDUAL HAVE THE AWARENESS OF WHAT PARTICULAR FASHION SHOULD BE  APPLIED IN A PLACE. Think of a scenario that a person has a job interview. Do you think it is appropriate to wear a bathing suit during the interview? What will be the end result? The interviewer might call a security for their protection, and to escort the interviewee out from the building. Oooo… Harsh… What else could happen? People might misinterpret or misjudge the person. Isn’t true that there are people measure someone base on their clothing? Although most of us would end up saying that we do not care what other says. Really??? Somewhere deep inside us  really care what other people perceive or say about us. Surely, that everyone is welcome inside the Church, but we all should never remain as we were. Just like I’ve said before that following these simple suggestions from the video we saw, and applying it with our personal style it could be a ticket into a harmonious Church members for both old fashion group and fashionistas inside the Chapel.

Whatever our standing, I believe that everything has it’s own place and time, and it includes our fashion sense inside the Church. After all, the House of God is where we meet our Savior, so, why not show our style that Glorifies the name of the Lord.

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Church Outfits Controversy  on How to be Sexy Yet Conservative:

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Church Outfits Controversy on How to be Sexy YET Conservative

This blog is NOT sponsored by anyone, or any organizations and companies.  I am affiliated to some companies, and a representative of AVON which means I only make commissions based on anyone’s purchased product/s from  the links provided. 

Fashion design course bannerIs it consider a fashion felony of not taking note in what we wear in the church? Well, there’s no such law in terms of what to and not in the house of God. However, the Bible pointed out to be decent particularly with women (1 Timothy 2:9). Sounds like anti-feminism but it’s not. The Word of God is “a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path (Psalm 119:105, KJV).” In other words, the Holy Scripture serves as a guidance for us before living the earth. If you are going to throw a smart comment that this was written for a certain culture in a different era. My friend, you are right but not so right. It’s a definite that we are in a century that fashions have been evolved with trends that come and go. That’s the reason the whole verse of Chapter 2 verse 9 in 1st Timothy was written because there will be clothing that would be unconsciously distracting to the original beauty of a woman with a combination of too much painting on the face, and overwhelming accessories. I’m not judging no one. I’m speaking out of my experiences. Yes, I had my fair share. Anyway, what I’m trying to say that the Bible is a timeless love letter from God that gives good punch to knock out our blinded mind that has been brain washed by the media.

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There are people who read 1 Timothy 2:9 in a very wrong way. So, they come up with their “thou shall not in terms of FASHION.” Based on these things there are Christians who unknowingly crucifying others as if they are criminals. Beating each other with words as if mercy is not available for them. Before I proceed further, I would like to point out that this particular verse does not only imply with women but it is also for men, because nowadays men are also keeping up with fashions in a whole different way. When I started my YouTube, the very first video we made was about “Church Outfits Lookbook.” I involved my beloved mom and my only precious daughter. We showed couple of outfits from jeggings, pants and dresses. In the video, every style have a title with short explanation for particular outfit that can be acceptable in the church. Am I acknowledging the new way of dressing in the sanctuary? My answer is “Yes” with a capital Y for “YET.”


 Sexy yet Conservative & Church Outfits Photograph by: Efren Landaos Youtube: Precious Issa Top: Dress Barn White Bolero: Danice Jeggings: Flat shoes: MArshalls (Me Too) Earrings & Watch: Avon.comI grew up in a church where I haven’t seen anyone both men and women wearing jeans during Sunday’s. It’s very controversial inside the church to be seen in jeans, especially with women. Nowadays, these clothing are not just worn outside the House of God. Jeans are everywhere. Before, I was afraid to wear jeans and pants, but not anymore. During fall and winter seasons these clothing are MUST have, and I’m not taking it out from my lists of style. Honestly, I was 10 years old, and I felt the pressure of being the granddaughter’s pastors, and daughter the leaders in the church. At that age I have to be watchful of everything I say and do. Basically, I was exhausting myself, because I was depending on my own works instead of Resting in Christ. Let me clarify that the church was not dictating me. The House of God will never dictate anyone on how to act. However, it is our choice if we are going to follow what the Lord says. In 1 Timothy 4:12 states, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity (NIV).” Think about this, If Jesus Christ really resides in our hearts then we should thrive to be CHRIST-LIKE through the power of the Holy Spirit. Am I right??? Nevertheless, aside from the pressure that I felt growing up with pastors in the family both paternal, and maternal. I have been told by other preachers that “God deserves our very best, so, we should dress up our very best in the church.” Meantime, it also created a confusion in me because the church members including the leaders wearing jeans on midweek services. Do you think God’s love during Sunday worship is different from weekday’s service? Certainly NOT.

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Sexy yet Conservative & Church Outifts Photograph by Efren Landaos YouTube Channel: Precious Issa 3/4 Blazer: Marshall (Larry Levine) Top: Marshall (Kenar) Necklace: Gift Black Shoes: NaturalizerOne time, a friend of ours invited us to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. My mother, my child and I were wearing dress except for my mom, she was wearing pants that day but it was appropriate for the church. To our surprised the whole church members including the leaders were wearing jeans on a Sunday service. Our sister in Christ told us that the church has no dress code. It’s cool to have open minded church. After all, the House of God is for everyone. Few years had passed, my family and I found a church that does not measure the people about their fashion style. Then it finally occurred to me that Christians should never be afraid of expressing themselves in terms of styling. However, just like what I’ve said before style yourself with an uppercase Y (Yet). In this way, we can be expressive “Yet” modest. For instance, the jeggings or leggings can be worn in the church as long you combine it with the tunic blouse, short dress or shirt that does not show your belly button and also hides the camel toe. Likewise with men, please wear your jeans not lower than your buttocks. Another example is mini skirt. I guess the best way to wear it is when we use leggings underneath the skirt or with thick tights and Please, Please, never wear a sheer stocking. Common sense speaking, what is the purpose of wearing sheer stockings on a mini skirt? It will NOT add coverage but it will create more attraction to your lower part of the body that leads to distractions. It is also a good idea to wear knee high boots but please wear thick tights, or skin hugging shorts underneath the mini skirt. If you cannot put shorts or it bothers you wearing one with your sexy mini skirt then don’t wear them at all. The only fashion felony in my own opinion are the shorts inside the church. Shorts these days are too shorts that looks like underwear. It’s felony for me because these short shorts is not design to wear inside the church. Think of a scenario as an example that you are going to pick up something that you drop on the floor wearing the “short.” What do you think the end result? You will be the superstar that day, because your butt cheeks will show. I might sound harsh, but in reality there will be people in the church that will scan you with their mean degrading or lustful eyes. Unless pair the shorts with leggings or thick tights. Probably, the best way is not to wear these kind of shorts inside the church. Whether we like it or not people address others based on their outfit. Let’s talk about cleavage, we have safety pins, brooch, camis, and blazers and so on that can be used for coverage. So, I guess these are some solutions we can apply to our style. Selecting clothes for church supposed to be fun. When we know our boundaries we become a natural fixer upper in clothing ourselves whatever our style. 

Sexy yet Conservative & Church Outfits Photograph by: Efren Landaos Top: Blazer & Necklace: Forever21 Skirt: H&M Tights: Marshall Shoes: Christian Siriano (’m NOT implementing these suggestions to anyone or any organizations. It is our choice to choose of what to wear and not. To be fair, try to ask your church leaders about their standing in wearing certain clothes inside the House of God. Please never make room for rebellion spirit if your church doesn’t agree with your sense of style. If you cannot abide to your church rules, simply go to another church. No need for argument.




Sexy yet Conservative & Church Outfits Photograph by: Efren Landaos Youtube Channel: Precious Issa Dress: American Princess (Marshall) Shoes: Faded Glory (Walmart)White Glittery Hair clip: Claires Turtle Neck & Necklace: GiftA very good friend of mine always say, “Come as you are in the House of God but never remain as you were.” Our God is a compassionate one, and He doesn’t look at what we wear. The Lord is always seeking for people that loves Him purely. When we open our Bible to 1 Peter 3:3-4 it says, “our beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight (NIV).” Just to emphasized that the Lord is not against fashion and cosmetics. The main thing in this verse is having a pure heart. The question is how are we going to have a pure heart? The answer is having a receptive and repentant heart. How many of us are willing to be directed? If we are, then we should be open to correction. As for the leaders, it is ungodly smashing souls in the pulpit. So, would you please handle the circumstances with grace and mercy.


Sexy yet Conservative & Church Outfits Photograph by: Efren Landaos Youtube Channel: Precious Issa Ruffle Yellow Dress: Dress Barn Grey Bolero: DaniceOur God is seeking for people with pure heart, so, it’s beyond our sense of style. However, we should never abuse the freedom He gave to us (1 Peter 2:16). If we could only follow these simple solutions in wearing clothes in the church with modesty, we can convince the church leaders that being fashionable is not bad at all. 


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