Trip to Sight and Sound Theatre’s PA: Samson

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Last year during summer season, my family and I went to a trip to Pennsylvania to see a Christian Broadway show. We went out with our fellow bothers and sisters in Christ in a rented bus. When we finally reached our destination I was so excited to be in Sight and Sound Theater once again. Back then as a single woman I was amazed on how they made the bible so real, and witnessing the unconditional love of God  by sacrificing His only Son, Jesus Christ for us to be redeemed and be free from the enemy.

On one hand, this trip I had for this year to the theater was exciting because I was sharing this moment with my husband and daughter. While waiting for the play my mom and I expressed our experienced before about that place. It was truly, an eye opening to us. There were tears running out from our eyes and it was real encouraging to anyone at any age.

Any how, that summer it was about Samson. He was one of the Bible characters that rebelled against God and followed his own desire. Personally, I think we can all relate with him that there was also a point that we refused to obey the Lord in some part in our lives. Watching the play was awakening. Though Samson failed God many, may times, but Jesus mighty love never fails.

On the contrary, the Broadway about Samson was not 100% accurate. That’s why it is important to read the Holy Bible.

Overall, my family and I had a blast. My daughter was so exited to see live animals. The actors were awesome!!! One word for props: “wow!” The place is phenomenal and clean, especially the bathroom. It was a bit off challenging to take  pictures because of the crowd. But other than that, we are definitely coming back to see any available show.

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