The Secret of Applying Lemon/Lime to Whiten

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We are all aware that lemon and Lime are all around use in almost everything. Today, I am just going to simply share to you on how I properly use lemon on whitening armpit to get the best results.

Please count me in,  if you ever tried lemon and it didn’t work. It was frustrating because not only it didn’t whiten my skin but it also burned. Ouchhhh!!! With my persistent desire of embracing natural products, I still believe in the “Power of Lemon, hahahaha!!!!.” Oh well,  I experimented with “TIME.” Since Lemon has the components for making the hair or skin lighter, so, I thought that I should just focused on time. Here’s the fun part the steps are so easy. Simply, squeeze a good amount of lemon or lime juice and apply it to your both armpits for ONLY 5 MINUTES before taking a shower or bath. After your happy moments in the shower,  apply your favorite deodorant. See, how simple it is.

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