Pasta Shrimp Paste Food Fusion

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 While eating and deeping the slice green apples on shrimp paste I started to wonder on how to convince other people to eat this paste without being intimidated with smell or being scared with this food. So, I thought about “pasta” mixing it with “shrimp paste.” This menu was inspired from my native country, Philippines. “Bagoong Alamang” (meat mixed with shrimp paste), one of the Filipino cuisine that has shrimp paste. There are many ways in cooking this delicacy. However, sharing my vision with my beloved mom was priceless, because she contributed techniques and secrets on how to make an awesome meal with this paste. The end result of my pasta  shrimp paste food fusion was a success. We served this to the whole member of the Church, and they loved my “PastAlamang”… No left over!!!

Not only easy to make but it is also budget friendly.

   PastAlamang Ingredients

2 tablespoon of Shrimp Paste

1/2 pork or any meat you desire Twisted Pasta/ Rotini

2 tablespoon of butter

1 ½ tablespoon of salt

2 cloves of garlic

1 Cucumber (take out the seeds, if you prefer)  

Olive oil

1 cup of Coconut milk

1 Eggplant

Please Watch the Video for the Tutorial of PastAlamang

(Pasta+Shrimp Paste)


 For Pasta: While waiting for the water to boil add the butter with the salt (you can always add salt if you like). When the water is boiling put the rotini or any pasta you desire. In this case, twisted pasta or rotini takes 9-11 minutes. Drain the pasta after it is tender.
For Eggplants: Cut them into bite size. On a hot pan with a little oil ( any oil you desire) fry the eggplants until it’s golden brown. Set them aside on a plate.
On a pot, boil the bite size meat with crushed garlic (I used pork but you can have any type of meat you like). Add water BUT make sure it is not above the meat. Turn on the stove into medium high heat. Wait until the water evaporates. After the water is completely gone, add a little oil to fry the meat. Then pour the coconut milk and add the shrimp paste. When the meat starts to produce their natural oil, and the sauce is thickening add the fried eggplants. Gently mixed them for 5-10 seconds. Then turn off the heat.
On a Platter place Shrimp paste sauce at the top of the pasta or mixed the pasta and the shrimp paste ( I prefer to marry them together to evenly distribute the sauce).
 (OPTIONAL) For Cucumber: After you have plated the PastAlamang add the cucumber (peeled or not/ with or without seeds/ bite size or not, depends on you) on top of the meal.
(OPTIONAL) To Sweeten: Simply add sugar on the sauce and gently stir it.



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Adobo Food Fusion (Filipino Cuisine)

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“How to Cook SpAdoboW (Adobo)”

Spadobow (Adobo) Photograph by: Efren Landaos  Recipe by: Melissa J. Songcuan (a.k..a. Precious Issa) YouTube Channel: Precious Issa   If anyone who wants to learn Filipino Cuisine, my recommendation is “Adobo.” For it is the simplest and basic dish of my native country. However, I am going to share and show my version of making Adobo. Cilantro and Soda are the two ingredients that inspire me to add in this Traditional Filipino Food that made me call it “SP-Adobo-W.”


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Since I am married to a man who has a Hispanic background I am cooperating this food with “Cilantro.” This herb seems like the “Must-Have” in their kitchen. Aside from the beneficial factors we can have from Cilantro, the smell creates an aroma of freshness and invitation from our nostrils into our brain then to our palate… I think you know what I am trying to convey.

Spadobow (Adobo)  Photograph by: Efren Landaos Recipe by Melissa J. Songcuan (a.k.a. Precious Issa) YouTube Channel: Precious Issa Pot: Cuisinart (Marshall) Spatula: Cepaphalon (Marshall)

Moreover, adding “Soda” in this dish makes it more exciting. Some people have proofs that Soda are loaded with sugar. Others have shown that Soda can be used in cleaning sink, and bathtub etc. As for me I view Soda as “Meat Sanitizer.” Maybe my analogy is wrong and laughable. However, there is a huge difference of fresh and meat that has been sitting on a grocery freezer. So, adding Soda is one of my techniques in removing that odor on a frozen meat.

               Please Watch the video on YouTube for steps in cooking Spadobow (Adobo).

Click Here!



2 pounds of chicken or any meat you desire
1 cup of vinegar
1 cup of soy sauce
cilantro (NOTES: 1. Never add too much of Cilantro because it will overpower the dish. 2. You can use the palm of your hand as your measurement… I was only eyeballing
1 can of soda
1-2 cups of water or chicken stock or beef stock (depends on your preference)
4 potatoes
6 hard boiled eggs (1 for each family members,. only suggestions)
2 cloves of garlic or 1 tsp of minced garlic
1 onion
3 bay leaves (dry or fresh)
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper corn


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