How to Get Healing on Emotional Hurts


 Both Men and women, young and old had have drama that created “wounds” in one’s life. It is no joke to have tragedy in life because these damages goes beyond our emotions. Most of the time we try to get rid of these Emotional Hurts by reaching out to our love ones or friends, being involve in the Church, sometimes we embrace make-overs, buy new things or join organizations/ clubs, so on and so forth. I am not saying these steps are wrong, but in reality these pain needs more attention in getting it out in our system completely. For “damages” goes deeper into our “SOUL.” In this case we call it “INNER HURTS.” If an individual is deeply wounded, it leaves “scars.” The scars automatically reminisce those painful time. Some does not need to see their scars because it is already written all over a person’s life. We do not need to have Ph.D. of something to detect a wounded heart, because there are Manifestation of Inner Hurts:

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1. Old age looking

** Looks older than their biological age.

2. Irritable and Reactive (so easily or making small things into a big deal)

e.g. For the very first time in 22 years in marriage, the wife got irritated on how her husband chew his food.

      e.g. The young adult is irritated to hear advice. So, he/she easily react to their parents by answering back without understanding them wholly.

3. Physically Weak (When it is occurring most of the time for no reason)

** e.g. Immune system weakens, etc.

4. Physically Sick (When it is occurring most of the time for no reason)

** e.g. sudden fever, heavy heart, palpitation, etc.4

5. Mentally Unstable

** e.g. Unable to focus, depression, etc.

6. Demonized or Demon possessions or oppression

     Oppression: Anyone who is living unprogressively in all aspects of his/her life such as no personal growth, stagnant life and so on.
       Demonized: An evil spirit living in a person.

If these are the Manifestation then there must be sources of Inner Hurts? Yes!!! There are 3 Main Sources of a Wounded Soul:

1. Unmet Needs – these are basic human needs to survive such as food, shelter, water, clothes, education, love, security and so on.

2. Unhealed Hurts – These are pain that caused by someone or a group whether it’s physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual (I am pertaining to bad encounter with spiritual advisors or unpleasant experiences inside the Church that affected the spiritual growth).

3. Unresolved Issues – These are the situations that had happened or still occurring but there is a strong sense of ignoring the issues instead of resolving it.

 A new revelation came up to me as I was studying this message. Let us look at these Sources of Inner Hurts in a different angle. Focusing on the causes made me realized that all 3 are interconnected to each other. If needs and even wants are not supplied in a timely manner then it is consider as “Unmet Needs.” When needs and wants are unmet it “attack” a person’s emotions, body and mind set. The manifestation on this criteria will be Old Age, Physically Weak that leads to Sicknesses and Mentally Unstable. Due to Unmet Needs it “give birth” to “Unhealed Hurts.”  Almost all the signs of Inner Hurts are prominent on this stage. Because of Unhealed Hurts, people are “Irritable or Reactive, Mentally Unstable, Demon Possessed or Oppressed that makes a person looks older than their age (Old Age Looking). The end result of Unhealed Hurts is “Unresolved Issues.” On this level it touches all symptoms of Inner Hurts. There is a heaviness on Unresolved Issues because some individual TYRING to be in-control of their uncontrollable situation, so, they turn to black magic or tarot reading, etc. Through these proceedings many people are unaware that they made a way for demons to control their life. To recap this theory, we could really see that these 3 Sources of Inner Hurts are connected to each other.

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  Maybe my proposition about the 3 Sources of Inner Wounds are intertwine to each other. But I also realized that the main ROOT is “Unmet Needs.” Society might dictate or influence what are supposed to be needs and wants but it really depends on a person. For instance, one might perceive car as a necessity (needs) but some people car is an option (wants). Whatever our criteria in needs and wants, if it is UNMET it will always branch out into Unhealed Hurts which gives rise to Unresolved Issues.

Now that we are familiar with the causes of inward pains, let us talk about the solutions. Before we tackle the answers let us ask ourselves with this REAL question; what kind of help are we searching for? Is it a help from outside world (human knowledge) or from God? Absolutely, nothing wrong with self-help books, consulting to any professionals, friends or love ones, listening to motivational speakers, etc. But one must be aware that all these offers or help are “ONLY Superficial or Temporary.” We might find ourselves ‘materializing’ these solutions towards our physical body or re-evaluating, recreating our environment, and rebooting our mind set for personal growth. Sounds good to me. But it is not the same offer of our Lord Jesus Christ to every heavy heart.


Jesus Christ said on Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me, all you who are labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (NKJV).” Imagine a King or a President invited you to come to his palace to lay down all your burdens, because he will help you. That would be totally awesome!!! It is the same thing with this verse that Jesus is inviting us to approach Him. So, No One can say that God does not care. Two words to understand this Holy Scripture, “Reaching out.” God is reaching out to us. The question is how many of us would be willing to reach back to Him? When we proceed on this verse, the invitation of God is open for “all you who are labor and are heavy laden (Matthew 11:28, NKJV).” The Lord already knows the pride of man in which we always find ourselves empty and alone. This is the reason Jesus is inviting us to His presence and STOP exerting effort to find solutions because Christ is the ONLY answer. When we approach the Lord with all our hearts His presence will give us REST. Christ REST is “for your souls (Matthew 11:29, NKJV).” No matter how deep the wounds or how disgusting and huge the scar is, if we give our life to Jesus Christ there is REST. We need to be mindful when we offer our life to Christ it means we TRUST Him as well. Many times we thought praying alone is the right way of approaching God. No, my friend. Putting our trust in God is a MUST. Why? Because in Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths (NKJV).” God’s ways is not the same as ours (Isaiah 58:8-9). In short, trusting the Lord gives direction so you and I can have “REST.”

Emotional Hurts is like a chain when one is a victim they too become the abuser. Consciously or Unconsciously when we are hurt the manifestations become the instrument to cause pain to others as well. These Inner Hurts should never take it likely or suppress the agony because it will only do harm  within us and to our surroundings. But I have a good news for everybody that Christ is the answer for ALL our needs. Please do not think I am promoting a religion. No, I am not. Having relationship with Jesus Christ is more important. It does not require any money because salvation is free. Never be intimidated about sin because Jesus Christ came for the sinners (Mark 2:17). In other words, everyone is qualified to call on Jesus. Just come as you are. Jesus can heal every pain and be free from any bondages of hurt. All we need to do is to have an open heart to God. Reach back to the Lord because He has been waiting for us to come to Him. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6, NKJV). So, who and where else can we go? Only Jesus is the way to have REAL REST and still find rest even in the midst of storm. Because Rest in Jesus is having unshakable Peace.

Do you want to pray? If so, please say these prayers….

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your love that saved me. I acknowledge that I am a sinner, and forgive me from all my sins. Wash me with your precious blood, Jesus. I receive you Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. Be the center of my life. Jesus, I need you to heal me from all these pain I’ve been carrying. Honestly, I tried everything and it seems nothing is working. So, I want to rest in You, Jesus. Lord God I need your presence that gives peace. I surrender  my weaknesses, my heart aches, my future, my all to you for I trust in You. Help me to forgive, and love others. Lord God, guide me in my life and in all my decisions. Thank you for the new life you have given to me. Thank you God for sending Jesus so I might live in freedom. Thank you for your love Jesus that transform me. Thank you Holy Spirit for Your comfort and for reminding me about God’s everlasting love and unfailing promises. Thank you for a new life. I love you, Lord. This is my prayer. In Jesus Mighty name, Amen!

Please Watch the Video on YouTube for more explanation. God bless everyone!!!

Special Thanks to Uncle/ Bishop Windsor Cabrera who willingly shared lots of great messages about the Word of God. May the Lord bless you and your family more and more…

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How to Stop the Violation of Physical Law

Fitness Republic Corp.    Sicknesses started to hunt mankind after the fall of our ancestors, Adam and Eve (Genesis 3). The mortality of man became evident after they disobeyed God. Human beings become prone to sicknesses and diseases. Not ONLY relationships between God and Man was destroyed but also with animals. Mankind was designed by God to rule over the earth (Genesis 2:15, 19-20). Disobedience was the reason of rescinding the harmonious bond between homo sapiens and all organisms. As a result, all faunas does not recognized Adam like it used to. Instead, ruling over these lovely creatures, people are now bound to exert effort in building relationship to any desired domestic animals. But most of the time we become like scavengers to “enslave” animals for our own survival. During the early times up ’till now, humans were aid by these mammals to supply food. However, people before was not aware of “sanitation.” We often forget that the sinned of man also causes the other creatures to be subject to sicknesses. Therefore, lack of cleanliness gave rise to different kinds of diseases that spread among human beings. Nowadays, new diseases are still occurring in our midst but it is beyond sanitation. One of these sources of sicknesses is the “Violation of Physical Law.” To put it into perspective, it is the “Abuses we commit in our Physical Body.”

Examples of Violations in our Body:

  1. not eating right
  2. not/ lack of drinking water
  3. lack of sleep
  4. smoking
  5. taking illegal drugs or overdosing oneself
  6. excessive drinking of alcohol


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Most of the time these sicknesses that we’re experiencing are “self-inflicted.” For instance, a person suffering from high blood pressure the doctor’s advice would be lowering sodium intake. Another one would be brain dysfunction due to taking illegal drugs. Basically, the Violation of Physical Law is “Cause and Effect.” On one hand, what does the Holy Bible says about harming our body? 3rd John 2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (KJV).” Meaning, the Lord is not all about spiritual life, He is also concern of our own health. Our “body is a temple of the Holy Spirit” is the main reason God wants us to stop violating our physique (1 Conrinthians 6:19, NIV). A great example will be the 4 God fearing boys namely:

  1. Daniel (Beltheshazzar)
  2. Hananniah (Shadrach)
  3. Mischael (Meshach)
  4. Azariah (Abed-Nego)

Observing the lives of these young men amazes me on how they were not afraid to dishonor King Nebuchadnezzar to eat “the royal food and wine (Daniel 1:8, NIV).” I am assuming the food were not healthy, and not accustomed to Jewish practices. Since God was pleased on the heart and courage of these boys, He gave them “favor” in the presence of their enemies. In fact, Daniel challenged the officials to make a comparison in 10 days between them and the men that eats and drink from King’s standard. The end result was a victory over Daniel and his company than the blokes who followed the King of Babylon (Daniel 1:8, 11-15, NIV). Only “vegetables and water” was their menu (Daniel 1:12). Wow! Their devotion to God and discipline paid off, because they “looked healthier, and better nourished (Daniel 1:15).” Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT inflicting anything to anyone nor I am NOT disregarding any culture. I believe everything should be in accordance of what the body needs.

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 Bible and bookmarkWhy I chose this illustration? Because God was the center in the lives of these 4 young people. The Spirit of God Unite these men even though they all have different personalities. Therefore, they all shared ONE Commonality without any conflict in “Obeying God.” What does the Bible Characters have something to do with the Violation of Physical Law? Dissecting the lives of Daniel and his buddies is an inspiration that Obedience to God leads to “loving ourselves.” There is nothing wrong of caring oneself. When Jesus was saying to “love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:31).” He was not just referring to love others. Our Savior wants us to be devotedly looking after our physique. How can we help the people around us, if we forget our self?  Of course, anything that is excessive is consider wrong because it is selfish and idolatry.  But everything that is in the Holy Bible is crystal clear that “Obedience to God” which is loving our own body will keep us “Healthy”. Guess what? When we are healthy we become “Attractive” just like Daniel and his friends. In Daniel 1:15-16, the guards were convinced to see the outcome of Daniel and his comrades’ physical body, so, they finally decided to eat and drink right. Truly, Healthy ones are like “Natural Magnets” that fascinates other people for the Glory of God.

It is God’s business to give us instructions in taking care of our body, because He crafted us by His own mighty hands. Yes! It is true that we have the freewill to choose of what we do to our body. But which voice are we going to follow?  Acquiring sicknesses or diseases is not fun at all. Physical illnesses affects our emotions, our mind and even our finances. It also creates stress or tension within our family or love ones. Does God wants us to suffer? The answer is NO. The Lord wants us to be healthy because we are “Christ’s ambassador” (2 Corinthians 5:20). Isn’t amazing to know that we are God’s representative? Why He chose US from all his creation? To rule the earth which was given and lost by Adam BUT redeemed through Christ. If we are sick do you think we can enjoy all the things God has in-stored for each every one of us ?  Sadly, there are people out there blame our Lord Jesus Christ for suffering from a certain ailment. Just like I mentioned earlier that the Violation of Physical law is Cause and Effect. So, before we accuse our Creator, please investigate first. Am I suggesting to be angry and blame ourselves? Of course, not. An individual cannot change what one cannot acknowledge. Humbleness is the key to be teachable, and be a better one.

Aware or not, violating our body does not happen overnight. It is slowly developed through a “habitual behavior.” How many of us can break bad habits? Personally, this message is also for me, and I admit that I cannot stop eating unhealthy food. It is really hard to try to discontinue these harmful lifestyle on our own. So, how to breakdown these corrupt actions toward our body? Love God with all our hearts (Mark 12:30). Why? Well, loving God leads to Obedience. Submitting to the Lord is not an easy task when we depend on our own strength, because we are human beings – not yet perfect. But whoever “REST” in Jesus can OVERCOME these habitual behavior for we can do all things through Him who gives us strength (Philippians 4:13).

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Special Thanks to Uncle/ Bishop Windsor Cabrera who willingly shared lots of great messages about the Word of God. May the Lord bless you and your family more and more…

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How Not to Judge the Title

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“Thou Shall NOT Judge the Title”

How many of us remember the English idiom, “Do not judge the book by its cover?” Metaphorically, it means to look beyond what our eyes can see about a person. Literally speaking, how many books, magazines, articles and blogs that come across but we didn’t really pay attention? Maybe one of the reasons is the “title.” When we visit a bookstore we specifically go to the aisle that interest us. Even so, we still brush through the name of a book or any reading materials ’till we find something  that capture our thoughts. Do you think it sounds like prejudice? I think it is. Sometimes I see myself laughing over an article or blogs title. There are times I find myself arguing with the book name even I haven’t read the material. This type of mindset didn’t helped me to grow in knowledge of understanding other human beings.  How many of us really stepped out from our comfort zones, and give the author a chance? How many of us read some material, and finish it though our expectations are not meant? How many of us? It is not wrong to do such thing. Everyone has different personalities and likings. Therefore, we are all entitled to exercise our freedom to choose. However, is it right to judge, and make final conclusion based on the title alone?

  Few weeks ago, I was trying to promote my very first blog post (Church Outfits Controversy on How to be Sexy Yet Conservative) on a social media. Since I am not a computer geek I was and still using the trial and error mode. When I was asked which picture I am going to choose, I just click one. In my mind, I thought my picture will be posted like an icon, and the title of my blog will be the one that stands out. Apparently, I was wrong. My picture was the main focus. To my surprised some of my followers re-post my picture. So, I take it as a blessing in disguised. However, a particular Christian group was reacting negatively because of the word “sexy.” They already made a conclusion without reading my blog. My retort was to check out my website. Although their remarks were not pleasing to me I still thank them for their comments. I had a choice to answer them in a cruel way, but there’s no point if one already made a decision to see everything in one direction.

Here are some suggestions of  “How NOT to Judge the Title of an article, blog, book or any reading materials”?

1. Put Yourself on their Shoes.

A good writer or not once their masterpiece has completed, a huge part of them is laid before us. Whether we love or hate, agree or disagree, like or not their work, the author’s masterwork is very dear to them. Do we need to care? After all, we are free to choose. Exactly! We have freedom to choose but it is NOT FAIR to render such critic without recognizing the material. If we “prejudge” WITHOUT KNOWING it is “prejudice.” Is being a prejudice the right thing to do? The answer is No. How can we rate someone’s project if we fail to get familiarize with their work? It is already hurtful enough to be mislabeled or bullied by other people or haters as an author. Have you experienced watching a movie and started to feel hateful towards the villain? If the one who acted as the anti-hero found out the reactions of the viewers, they will take it as a compliment, because they achieved their part. In the case of a writer, some may take the negative feedback positively. A handful people may not like the masterpiece of an author, but at least someone read their own work of art. Would anyone appreciate someone else bad review without taking a time to study or see a masterpiece? Of course NOT, it is UNFAIR. It is like passing unfair judgment.

  1. Be Open Minded.

Imagine a food critic decided to post their personal opinion about the food in a restaurant without visiting the place. Without a doubt that person will loosed the job and will be labeled as a hoax. Am I right? Surely, food and a reading material is different from each other. But think about this, when we eat food our taste buds takes place and tasting alone “Open a pathway into a Great Conversation.” How? We simply give out our comments if the food is just right or sometimes we give it thumbs up. Whatever our taste preference the reactions create discussions from one thing to another. It is the same way about a masterwork. After reading a material, it opens up our thoughts and emotions. Whether we agree or not with the writer, we tend to share these feelings and views to someone. In some cases, we tell about our standing on a social media. The point is that we start to communicate to another person which eventually they too become a critic of our own opinion. It might go both ways, your friend/s might agree with your notions or not. Through this we simply give rise to a discussion that hopefully breaks the ego – narrow minded person. Once we learn to hear what others will say, we become respectful to others that includes the author.

One of the examples on this topic is about the Holy Scripture. When people are ask what they think about the Holy Bible. Some may answer it is a book about God’s holiness. If followed by a question of why they think it is. They will say such thing as I don’t know or because of the commandments. There are people will answer these questions that are shocking only because they have no idea what it is all about. Whatever the reasons not to read the Holy Scripture I am pretty sure because they already have the misconception about God’s word. How will they know that the Holy Bible is the “Basic Instruction Before Living Earth,” if they are only focus on the word “HOLY” written on the front cover of the Bible? Maybe the word “Holy” misinterpret by others of becoming a boring person. Sadly, the Holy Bible is misjudge by a lot but it is their huge lost. For they missed the greatest love letter that anyone will ever read. The Holy Scripture is …”inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16, KJV). Reading this verse gives right directions and hope that meditating on God’s word straighten our path that will lead us into a “… prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:8, NIV). In other words, the Holy Bible is a direction to lead us into a victorious life here on earth, because He loves us (1 John 4:19). In short, the Holy Bible is full of good news that brings life.

If we keep on judging a TITLE without reading the material we set ourselves a trap. Why? Prejudging is an act of prejudice that leads to a narrow minded person. Sometimes we buy these self-help books or listen to other gurus on how to be friendly or how to make friends. Frankly, SOME of these readers or followers are not getting results because there is no breakthrough. Yes! A breakthrough in terms of stopping the judgmental and restricted mindset. It is going to be hard to gain friends if we carry these character. No one will be interested to be our friends if we always pass judgment. Then it is going to be hard to relate with a close thinking soul. Anger and Sadness are the common denominator of a judgmental and a confine mentality individual. If we want growth in life let us learn to stop judging first before reading.

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