Church Outfits Controversy

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Did anyone notice some Christian YouTubers are making Vlogs about Church Outfits, and have you wonder the reasons? Some people may have the idea, so, they tend to make some suggestions through videos, and blogs such as my platform… hahaha!!! Dressing up inside the Church  does stimulate opinions that most of the time, it end up with so much judgement and remorse within the Body of Christ. Yikes!!!! Pointing fingers to each other as if everyone else deserve to be doom in hell except themselves. Well, they are not hypocrites. Both sides are fighting for what they think it should be. Basically, everyone is rallying for nothing. Yap! As much it is controversial it is also pointless to exchange hurtful words.  There is one question I believe that anyone should have a unify answer, and that is: Should the Church need to have a DRESS CODE??? Well, let’s find out  by watching this video…

So, What do you think??? Do you think it is simple to follow or is it too demanding??? Regarding Church Outfits people should never entertain an argument that creates bitterness and strife both within us and to the Church.. It is not  healthy to be judgmental and angry with each other.  Frankly, there is no right or wrong in styling oneself. It is the matter on HOW SHOULD BE AN INDIVIDUAL HAVE THE AWARENESS OF WHAT PARTICULAR FASHION SHOULD BE  APPLIED IN A PLACE. Think of a scenario that a person has a job interview. Do you think it is appropriate to wear a bathing suit during the interview? What will be the end result? The interviewer might call a security for their protection, and to escort the interviewee out from the building. Oooo… Harsh… What else could happen? People might misinterpret or misjudge the person. Isn’t true that there are people measure someone base on their clothing? Although most of us would end up saying that we do not care what other says. Really??? Somewhere deep inside us  really care what other people perceive or say about us. Surely, that everyone is welcome inside the Church, but we all should never remain as we were. Just like I’ve said before that following these simple suggestions from the video we saw, and applying it with our personal style it could be a ticket into a harmonious Church members for both old fashion group and fashionistas inside the Chapel.

Whatever our standing, I believe that everything has it’s own place and time, and it includes our fashion sense inside the Church. After all, the House of God is where we meet our Savior, so, why not show our style that Glorifies the name of the Lord.

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Avon: Bath Oil Hack

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One of the things that some people used to moisturize their skin is applying bath oil. However, I found out through Pinterest that Bath Oil can also be used in polishing or cleaning wooden furniture. Believe it or not, this oil protects the wood. In my observation, using AVON bath oil with clean dry cloth conditions the woodcarving. It also saves my household money, because every 2 weeks of my dusting is all I need to reapply the oil to the furniture. It doesn’t mean that we should not clean on the weeks we’re not using bath oil. On those days without using or reapplying the oil, all we need is a clean cloth and just swipe the dust. The main reason is the oil stays longer that those wooden sprays we usually used.

Moreover, Avon Bath Oil scares those creepy bugs out from the windows and doors. Plus the smell is so terrific!

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The Secret of Applying Lemon/Lime to Whiten

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We are all aware that lemon and Lime are all around use in almost everything. Today, I am just going to simply share to you on how I properly use lemon on whitening armpit to get the best results.

Please count me in,  if you ever tried lemon and it didn’t work. It was frustrating because not only it didn’t whiten my skin but it also burned. Ouchhhh!!! With my persistent desire of embracing natural products, I still believe in the “Power of Lemon, hahahaha!!!!.” Oh well,  I experimented with “TIME.” Since Lemon has the components for making the hair or skin lighter, so, I thought that I should just focused on time. Here’s the fun part the steps are so easy. Simply, squeeze a good amount of lemon or lime juice and apply it to your both armpits for ONLY 5 MINUTES before taking a shower or bath. After your happy moments in the shower,  apply your favorite deodorant. See, how simple it is.

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Trip to Sight and Sound Theatre’s PA: Samson

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Last year during summer season, my family and I went to a trip to Pennsylvania to see a Christian Broadway show. We went out with our fellow bothers and sisters in Christ in a rented bus. When we finally reached our destination I was so excited to be in Sight and Sound Theater once again. Back then as a single woman I was amazed on how they made the bible so real, and witnessing the unconditional love of God  by sacrificing His only Son, Jesus Christ for us to be redeemed and be free from the enemy.

On one hand, this trip I had for this year to the theater was exciting because I was sharing this moment with my husband and daughter. While waiting for the play my mom and I expressed our experienced before about that place. It was truly, an eye opening to us. There were tears running out from our eyes and it was real encouraging to anyone at any age.

Any how, that summer it was about Samson. He was one of the Bible characters that rebelled against God and followed his own desire. Personally, I think we can all relate with him that there was also a point that we refused to obey the Lord in some part in our lives. Watching the play was awakening. Though Samson failed God many, may times, but Jesus mighty love never fails.

On the contrary, the Broadway about Samson was not 100% accurate. That’s why it is important to read the Holy Bible.

Overall, my family and I had a blast. My daughter was so exited to see live animals. The actors were awesome!!! One word for props: “wow!” The place is phenomenal and clean, especially the bathroom. It was a bit off challenging to take  pictures because of the crowd. But other than that, we are definitely coming back to see any available show.

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Product Review: Avon Makeup Setting Spray

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Pretty sure many of us tried makeup setting spray from different companies. Whether it is branded or not the only thing that we are seeking for is a setting spray that really works.

Photographed by: Efren S. Landaos Avon Make-up Setting Spray:     The product I’ve used at the ball ( a party sponsored by the company I am working at) was the setting spray from Avon. The product is 2 ounces (60 ml), and the bottle is made of plastic. There is no scent when it is sprayed on the face. However, just for curiosity there is a slightly distinct alcohol aroma when it is directly smelled from the bottle. There is a good amount of product you will get once it is sprayed over the face. Please follow the directions because I had my fair share for not complying. I sprayed the product about 2 inches away. Guess what? It seems I drizzled tons of spray net on my face. Yikes!!! Although it was uncomfortable the feeling  didn’t last long. Eventually, it faded. The AVON make-up setting spray does work! It held my make-up very well. In spite, I danced all night with my beloved husband my make-up didn’t ran down from my eyes and face. Awesome product for a great price


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2 Steps on Finding Our Purpose in Life

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IMG_2745[1]Articles and books have been published around the world about the Life’s purposes. Surely, it has been an inspiration for many people. Frankly, there are only 2 steps that needed to be shared and apply in our life’s journey. Oh Yes!!! As simple as 1 and 2. Basically, it is base on our “Choices.”  Here are the suggestions about “Finding our Purpose in life.”


1.)  Accepting our Roots.

When God said, “Let us make man in our image (Genesis 1:26, KJV).” It is a proof that all mankind is rooted from the image of God. Maybe there are people who prefer to accept that human came from Apes. Honestly, I am NOT going to allow and adopt that theory, because I believe that God “formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being (Genesis 2:7, KJV).” Meaning, all human being should never allow this precious life to be level to an animal. We are the only masterpiece of God whom He chose to breathe in Us. Well, if one do not trust in God’s Holy Word. May I suggest to ask oneself this question — Would you let the value of human existence be lowered just because a dead man said so? If people would truly receive the Word of God then we will know our purpose in life. Why? Accepting the Facts that God created us in His own Special way will give us excitement to know our Creator. During our walk with God we would eventually open our hearts to Jesus Christ. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit our life will be extraordinary by allowing oneself to be Available to the Holy calling of God. Some of us are called to be preachers, missionaries, teachers, housekeeper, entrepreneur, and so on. For others they would rather go to a Tarot Reader or to someone else’s opinion to gravitate their lives purpose. Never be blindsided by another human who also need directions in life. Acknowledging where we came or rooted from is also being cautious to our task on earth. Without God there’s no life. Therefore, no life means no purpose.

2.) Knowing Oneself.

Let’s face the facts that there are people in any age and status in life does not have any idea who they are. When people asked to identify their selves. Automatically, the answer would be giving out their names, age, their physical appearances, education or profession and so on. Nothing wrong with the answers because it is telling about one self. That’s how we are brought up in the society we live-in. However, giving out personal information is the most scariest thing to do. For it becomes “The Measurement of an Individual.” Have anyone notice when someone loses their job they tend to move away from their friends and love ones? Sometimes when status in life changed drastically depression takes over to a person. This is an example on how these personal definitions affect the behavior and decision making. Scary, isn’t? Should Identification becomes US? If anyone would say, “yes,” then life becomes a cheap reference that ruins one’s purpose of living. For the simple reason they have no clue who they really are. Well, there are people who would claimed that they are the Chosen Special Child of God. However, when trials come these people tend to forget their identity. Why? Well, self-identification on the world’s perspective created a superficial satisfaction in life. So, when something has changed in one’s life it blurs who we really are. What should we do to get the answer of who we really are? Let us check the Holy Scripture in Psalm 139:14, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well (KJV).” If we know who is our Creator then this verse alone is an assurance that every individual both young and old are Made Special by God with Uniqueness to Flourish the Earth to bring Glory and Honor to the Lord. Our existence is not base on the standard of this world because our life is given and hold by our God. Therefore, we should view our own and other people lives as precious as our Heavenly Father sees us. This is who we are in Christ, “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light (1Peter 2:9, NIV).” Sad to say that most of us are tune into the demands of this world. As a result, we become defeated by our own selves because we forget that WE — “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world (1 John 4:4, NIV).” This verse simply means that all God’s children are OVERCOMERS. In short, the society might define us BUT in God WE are His royal children. We belong to Jesus who conquered every lies of the enemy that always tries to pull us down. If Christ lives in us who won the victors crown then it means we are Victorious. Should we accept these Holy Scriptures Metaphorically that someday we will be the light of the world? Of course, NOT!!! If we ONLY know the word of God then we are lying to ourselves. Seemingly, we sees ourselves like a spider hanging on a web which easily be broken. The Holy Bible is Real and Alive, all we need to do is Believe and put it into Practice. Let us remind ourselves Who we are by Declaring the Promises of the Lord, Staying in HIS HOLY PRESENCE and Embracing life according on God’s standard.

The knowledge of man is good as long it support  the purpose of God to all mankind.  Never let the world teach us to take a measurement to identify ourselves. For our purpose is not base on anyone’s approval or standard. Finding our purpose is having a Choice by Accepting where we are rooted from and Knowing oneself. In reality, these two steps goes hand in hand. For Acknowledging the one who created us is also having the confidence who we really are in Christ and in this world we live in. Remember that we “are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14, NIV). This is our main purpose in life. So, let our life bring light into the world whatever our situation and wherever we are for the Glory of God.


  • Do you think the steps given above is difficult to follow? Why or Why not?

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How to be The Perfect Bride

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IMG_2645One of the most joyous occasions that most of us encounter  is the Wedding. It is where a male and a female proclaiming their devotions to each other before God, families and friends. In order to have a successful event the couple need to lay out their desires with agreement and organize it very well. Planning a wedding is not an easy task because it requires dedication to have a perfect event. While preparing the venues, food, the entourage, etc. the “bride-to-be” has also things to deal with. What and Who? Well, the answer is “Preparing the SELF.” So, the future wife would make appointments to a Spa, getting tone through an intense workout, shopping the right wedding dress and so much more. In spite, the hassle and drama in setting a wedding the ultimate goal of any bride-to-be is being the apple of the eyes of their future husband. Even little girls have had dream of one day the big event will come true with their prince charming. While those daydream continue to linger in their imaginations they gladly adopt it during play time. Even in their small community of make-believe children create the happiest, joyful perfect celebration.  In the same way as children of God we long to be perfect in His Holy Sight. But the biggest question is HOW? These are some suggestions that I strongly believe that it will help everyone on “How to be The Perfect Bride.”

1.) A Crucified Life.

Many would say I am a Christian or I am a believer of Christ. However, being a Christian is beyond words, because it is all about having an amazing and hard-core relationship with Jesus Christ. To have a great and strong union with God is a genuinely surrendered life to Jesus. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature: all things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (KJV). In other words, being anchored in Jesus Christ is resulting a “NEW LIFE” by having a tasteless from the ungodly things and bad habits. The verse also strongly indicates that whatever our painful and disgusting pass history are forgotten. If is it forgotten then it means it is forgiven. Some people accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior with reservations. As a result, the Spiritual life becomes stagnant or the progression is slow like a walking turtle. Receiving God’s grace without being crucified with Christ is a dead end relationship. What is crucified in Christ? In Galatians 2:20 says, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself to me (NIV).” The Holy Scripture is NOT suggesting to literally crucify ourselves on a physical cross. That will be a horrible thing to do. The verse gives us a clear view on how to be crucified with Christ, and that is giving up our BIG ME, MYSELF and I. Surely, as human beings crucified life is not an easy task. However, when we truly depend in Jesus Christ, His strength is perfect in all our weaknesses (2 Corinthians 12:9). Who’s strength? God’s perfect strength and unfailing grace that would keep us from falling into sin. One of the question that needed to be raised is How deep is our love to Jesus Christ? Isn’t when we are in-love we give our all whatever it takes restlessly and with joy just to stay on course in our relationship? Anyone felt like this? A love that is endearing and enduring that nothing will stop these dedication. In the same manner with our love in the Lord. Having a relationship and the depth of our love to God is a Choice. But our unwavering love will drive us to do all the necessary things such askeeping God’s Mighty Words” through the help of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15). Our relationship with Christ should be pure and unshakable commitment. How? By making a decision to crucify our Old sinful ways and by taking down the Big “Me, Myself and I.” Of course, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to guide and help us.

2.)  Be Mindful.

Be mindful simply means be cautious, be aware or “keep watch ” in all the things we do, think and say (Matthew 25:13). Is this biblical? Oh, yes. If we check the Holy Bible on Chapter 25:1-13 of Matthew. We will be witnessing the “Parable of the Ten Virgins,” where the 5 are called fools because their empty lamps. The fool virgins are pertaining to people who believed and received Christ in their lives, but not wearing the “Whole Armor of God” (Ephesians 6:11). In short, the fool virgins represents the Christians who are not watchful of their deeds, thoughts, and actions. Mostly, these are individual who are still complying to the demands of this world, their love to the Lord gone cold or a lukewarm child of God. On one hand, the rest of the virgins are called the wise ones because they are prepared all the time. Meaning, these are the Soldiers of God who does not retreat and never surrender their faith in the Lord. The wise virgins symbolizes a Warrior who is ALWAYS ready to any battle, who also carefully Listen to the Word of God and Follow it. Scrutinizing the parable is having the conclusion that it is not enough for someone to be saved and go back to their old ways. It is only the Lord who knows our deepest thoughts, mind and heart. Therefore, we cannot fool God about our relationship with Him. It is our choice if we want to be like the 5 foolish virgins who are unrecognizable by the bridegroom because they are unfaithful to the Holy calling. Do you know why the wise virgins are the recognizable ones? It is their “obedient heart. In John 10:27 states, “My sheep listen to my voice, I know them, and they follow me (NIV).” Meaning, our Lord Jesus is the Shepherd of our soul and we are His sheep. If we truly have Christ in our hearts we simply obey especially to the convictions of the Holy Spirit. Being watchful is the most important factor to win a battle, and also to be recognize and have rewards from the Almighty God.

Why do we need to be Crucified with Christ first? Well, being dead of our Big Me, Myself and I will Create an OBEDIENT Heart to our Holy God, and it will be our Ticket to be Wiser. Based on Being Wise, Christians become Mindful. When the Church become Mindful we are ALWAYS ready for any types of Battle in life. Being Cautious Christians, we give Importance of WEARING THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD. For we now know that  “our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12, NIV).” To be straightforward, only few will be Raptured when Christ return. Here are 2 Questions that we should answer to ourselves. What if we encounter death? How sure we are that we are ready to see our Savior and be with Him Eternally? What if Christ return, are we going to hear the sound of the trumpets and be Taken by Jesus? God is always present when we make ourselves available. The Lord is forgiving when we ask for forgiveness. So, when do you think the best time to approach Jesus Christ? Never be like the foolish ones and wait for another day. Now is the perfect time to make a Choice to be the Perfect Bride of Christ.

An individual who choose to surrender their life to Jesus Christ is the wisest decision. However, being crucified with Christ is the act of pure surrender. To be a perfect bride is like the 5 wise virgins who prepared themselves without compromising for the bridegroom. Their main secret is a constant passion in loving their groom-to-be. Crucified with Jesus Christ does not mean to be careless of oneself. In fact, based on the Parable of Jesus Christ, the virgins took care of themselves like a habit for their eyes are fixed only to the bridegroom. These wise women haven’t seen their groom YET they believe that the faithful day would come to meet and be with him. Some of us get lost or confuse in our walk with the Lord. Frankly, most people believe that the presence of God still present among them, because they are busy doing works for the Lord, or by having a routine must-do in Christian living. In the end, these people are lonely and sad. How come? The main reason is the people forgotten their first love. As if, Christians become occupied with works instead of soak in the presence of God and doing HIS Will. For some being in a physical church become meaningless. Reading the Holy scripture seems to be pointless and eventually, unbelief will rise within.  Sometimes we do not want to let the Lord be in full control of our lives. At all times, we are the ones that decides which one should be surrendered to God. We may come up for many reasons, but the genuine Christians who remain Faithful Virgins will surely see the Kingdom of God. In short, Jesus Christ will only acknowledge His Children if they are “The Perfect Bride.” Who are these? Those who are “a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless (Ephesians 5:27, NIV).”

What else you could suggest to be The Perfect Bride of Christ?

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How to Deal with our Lives Routine

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This blog is NOT sponsored by anyone, or any organizations and companies.  I am affiliated to some companies, and a representative of AVON which means I only make commissions based on anyone’s purchased product/s from  the links provided.

IMG_2363Have you ever asked by any child on Why God allow the sun to come up and go down then the same thing will happen on the next day? I am pretty sure that this question also had lingered in us once upon a time.

Normally, we raise such question because of our daily routines that some are tiring to deal with or whatever other reasons we may have. However, how many of us wonder about God’s reason of making the sun and moon follow a repetitive pattern? There is something about “REPETITION” that the Lord wants us to know. Whether the load is overbearing or the day is difficult to face, let us not be quick to conclude that there is no hope for tomorrow because “There are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).” For instance, my 3-year-old precious toddler back then asked me about “why God made morning and evening then morning and evening again, because it does make her dizzy.” Yap! She is one funny intelligent kid. My retort to her, “Well, God loves routine so, He made the sun to give us light to enjoy exploring God’s creation. He made the moon at night for us to relax our mind and body. So, the next morning we have the super strength to explore again and that’s why we need evening to have rest from the whole day of work.” Maybe my answer is suitable for toddlers. Is it really exclusively for kids understanding? After all, we are all bound to do our own business in life. However, when we go beyond the words and human understanding, God wants us to be explorer with Him by our side. Am I suggesting to be like Dora the explorer or Diego. Of course, Not! What I am trying to convey that life is more than the task we do. The Lord wants us to be HIS witness on HIS faithful promises through our regular schedules (Psalm 145:13). I am pretty sure there are lots of Articles out there about Spicing or Updating our Daily Tasks. In the same manner, I would also love to add-on and share some suggestions on How to Deal with our Lives Routine.

  1. Rebooting our Mindset.

Many of the motivational speakers would speak about Changing on how we think about ourselves and to our surroundings. I totally support with those concept that everyone should have positive thinking because it is healthy and attractive. Would anyone like to hang around with negative people? It is hard to be part of undesirable group, because it invites depression, insomnia, headache etc. We all have personal dealings and we do not want adding some baggage on our shoulder. Would you agree with me? Rebooting our Mindset is the best way to start with. I always say seek God’s first but with a right mind because it produces right attitude of worship. Remember Cain in the Holy Bible where he burned an offering to God but the Lord rejected his worship because of his wrong character (Genesis 4:5). A proper mindset produces a right kind of heart or personality which is also carried on how we speak and response. Moreover, a healthy thinking helps an individual to have positive outlook in life. Rebooting the mindset brings victory, success and overflowing joy in life.

  1. Self-Important Notice.

  From time to time we also find ourselves fed up. When these emotions are not shut down in proper way, it will be like a balloon waiting to pop any time soon. Surely, it will have lots of ugly duckling coming out through releasing hurtful words, doing unpleasant actions or even making decisions out of the blue. These negative emotions towards our work does affect our personality that could damage relationships and reputations. So, how to manage these feelings? By having Self Important Notice. Conditioning oneself into a thinking that God has entrusted everyone with particular job to Glorify His Name is crucial. For instance, being a home maker is committing into a scheduled tasks every day and weekly fixated routine. It means being a wife and a mother is a non-stop sacrifices. After a day of work others have a chance to relax but a home maker the job seems unending. My point is letting oneself to know their importance makes a huge difference in viewing life. When we start to embrace our importance we become an instrument of inspiration to others especially towards our love ones. Taking a note about our existence is paving a way in accomplishing things with love and joy. Remember one of the Lord’s greatest commandments is to ‘love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:35-40).’ How can we show love and care if we do not love our own selves? Never be guilty of pointing out QUIETLY the importance of our existence in this world.

  1. Be on Others Shoes.

What has something to do with our topic of being on others shoes? Well, this suggestion is a reminder that though we place ourselves important to our environment, we still need to make sure that our feet is on the ground. Being on someone else responsibilities or life teaches us many good things. What are those?

A.) No Room for Comparison.

avon my logo jpg  A great example are the two brothers in the Holy Bible: Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25: 24-34. Esau’s occupation is a Hunter. Being a skillful man, Esau won his Father’s heart. Whereas Jacob has a woman touched who is greatly influenced by his mother. So, Jacob does not really mind to be a chef and a helper around the house. Oh yes!!! Having a man fulfilling a woman’s job is not a new thing for the Scripture tell us so. However, Jacob desired all the privileges and blessings that Esau predestined to have. One day, Esau was tired and hungry, so, he asked for food. But Jacob made a deal to sell Esau’s birthright to him. In the mind of Esau it is only a phony talk, so he agreed. At the end Esau blindsided by his twin brother and lost his ultimate blessing. How this happened? Esau overlooked Jacob’s worked. He compared his manly task over Jacob’s responsibility. Esau thought that his brother’s feminine job is not important as his. God honors what we say and do, and HE does not have favoritism. It is the same manner on how we look at others. We often compare ourselves to the people around us with the things we do, our accomplishments, degrees, professions, our own abilities, talents and so on. As if the work we do is far more important than others. Not knowing that we give so much room of death in our relationships inside our house, towards our co-worker, to the people around us and to the community.  At the end, we lost the joy of being alive. If we believe that all insects has its own purposes then we should start seeing others importance as well.

B.) Sacrificial Task.

Melody Faith Morales Graduates from Kindergarten @ PCA, in College Point, NY 6/16/15 Personally, this suggestion is INSPIRED from my own experienced with my beloved husband that opened my eyes into a reality. What’s that reality? It is the truth that all of us CAN help each other by aiming to ACCOMPLISH and SUCCEED “FOR” others obligation. In short, “Sacrificial Task” is doing something for others without expecting in return. A great illustration in this topic is the life of Ruth and Naomi. Ruth is the widowed daughter-in-law of Naomi. Though Ruth is free to go restart her life, she chose to stay and to looked  after Naomi (Ruth 1:16). Why we should do such thing? Sacrificial Task is Being On Others Shoes which means it is a humbling journey while committing ourselves to carry of someone else’s obligation/s even just once in a blue moon. Why not try? After all, there is nothing too loose in sacrificing oneself of having the WILL to do something for others. The most beneficial we can get from this method is Understanding that produces Love. Love cancel out measurement of who’s doing more or not and it also brings-out R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

  1. Embrace Life.

How to “Embrace Life” with our everyday routine?  It is simple as saying “Thank You.” That’s right!!! A gratitude heart is an act of worship that becomes a sweet scent to God. Maybe some of us complain that we do the dishes day after day. However, isn’t a blessing to think that we washed dishes because it indicates to us that we just ate a meal or a delicious snack? Perhaps some of us complain about our work whereas there are others who are jobless. Some does not want to come home with their annoying family, but there are people out there wanting to have one. Am I suggesting to be happy and grateful to God about our daily work? Yes!!! No matter how much or how big the difficulty in facing our task we should have a “Thankful Heart.” In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (NIV).” We all know that life is not perfect but it always goes down to our Choices. Are we going to choose to stay miserable or not when negative feelings or circumstances strikes us? What change need to be done to reach another level in life that would create a positive impact within ourselves and to our surroundings?  We may not able to change our daily routines in a snap of our fingers, but we can CHOOSE on how we RESPONSE or deal with things in a constructive manner. Even in REPETITIVE Tasks we can find humor, something new or interesting. Questions and steps can go on and on, but the Choices we make is the key to whether embrace life or not.

Never let the media, anyone, anything or even ourselves pollute our souls that everyday lives routine is plain or dull. There is a special about daily work and that is God and YOU as individual. Whether the task is light or overbearing it is our LIVES that keep everything around us together. The world will never be the same without our commitment to do things for others. It will never be an Authentic YOU without your Will to commit and make a difference. God never intended to make us like robots though days follow by weeks, months and years repetitively. We may not understand the Lord’s way completely, but I must say that God is speaking to us through repetition. If daily task is our everyday commitment then it is also a CONSTANT reminder that God is also NON-STOP Committed about HIS Sufficient Grace to us in each day (2 Corinthians 12:9).


  • Will you agree that in our lives routine God’s grace is still present?

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Names Does Matter


This blog is NOT sponsored by anyone, or any organizations and companies.  I am affiliated to some companies, and a representative of AVON which means I only make commissions based on anyone’s purchased product/s from  the links provided.

Three things that most people are curious about Celebrities new born babies: first is the gender, next is the physical feature and lastly, the parents chosen name for their neo. However, the most talk about is the “NAME.” Opinion will rise whether it is a cute, handsome, pretty, funny or a huh with a huge question mark base on names alone. Unconsciously, we are all fascinate to know someone else name. For sometimes others simply used names to define an individual. Sometimes they try to incorporate names of a person to their behavior. Could it be that Names are not just tags given by our parents? Perhaps names are powerful influential in one’s life. If it is proven then it means that “Names Does Matter.”


Almost everyone is aware that names have meanings. Some people careless about it but for others it serves as inspiration. Should we consider the definition of our names? The answer is YES and NO. How is it possible? Let us check the scripture on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. It’s the famous prayer of Jabez that changed his life. According to Pastor Jentezen Franklin on one of his sermons, during the old testament time some caregiver or parents would study the character first of their child then name them after. In verse 9 of 1 Chronicles chapter 4 is an evidence of what we have been tackling here. The meaning of Jabez is “Pain” (NKJV). So, connecting one’s personality to their name is not new anymore, and it’s not bad at all if we do not pass judgment. Yap! There is a huge difference in judging and analyzing. Studying these verses, I am assuming that Jabez could be an illegitimate child. Probably, his biological father forgotten to blessed him with something such as property. Since giving birth is not easy, and very challenging I will still eliminate the reason of giving the name Jabez. Why? Well, the mother already knew that labor is a serious commitment, because we could really see that Jabez have brothers in verse 9. It is true that the Holy Scripture does not indicate Jabez is the eldest or youngest, but it is not a good reason to name her son, agony. Although the mother said that she ‘bore Jabez in pain,’ it is still not enough to conclude that she is talking about labor (1 Chronicles 4:9). In the old testament, C-section is an alien procedure for it does not exist before. All pregnant women has the concept of giving birth (Genesis 3:15). However, we can also presume that Jabez could be born with special needs. Whatever the reason of Jabez’s biological mom by naming him Pain is Not So Loving at all. Every time she call the name of her son is proclaiming curse in Jabez’s and her life too. Jabez is the short cut of saying Pain, suffering, agony, etc. When we replace Jabez name into its real meaning it will go like this: Pain (Jabez), would you please get me some water. Got the idea? So, Yes!!! This is one of the factors that we should take into consideration before naming our beloved child/children. There are two questions that we should able to answer clearly with confidence in deciding which name we give to our offspring: first, what is the meaning of the name? Whether it’s fad, traditional, or combined names, we should be careful in choosing names. Secondly, would our kid/kids be shameful or proud in having the chosen name for the rest of their lives? Most of the time parents forget that giving names is not about them, it is all about their new born baby. Regardless, the love story that a couple shared to each other does not give them a license to appoint a ridiculous name combination, or funny pet names to their future child/children . Pets cannot reason out but kiddos do. 

The meaning of names matter because it is either releasing a curse or blessing to someone we love. Analyzing the prayer of Jabez is giving us an idea on how he longs to be bless. Remember Jabez is equal to Pain which means his life is a curse. Continuing reading the Holy Bible in verse 10 of 1 Chronicles 4, we could see that Jabez cried out to God. He prayed and believed in God to bless him, enlarge his territory, to guide him, but most of all Jabez requested that he will not cost Pain to anyone. Ah, that petition truly touched the heart of God. The Lord didn’t just heard Jabez prayer but He answered. Did anyone noticed that Jabez’s name remain the same? The forefathers such as Abram got a new name into Abraham, Jacob to Israel and many more. However, our Creator never altered Jabez name BUT the Lord turned his life into a prosperous, joyful individual. So, No!!! It is not necessary to change one’s name. If a person prefer to change their name or not it does not really matter as long the curse is broken. The curse can only be broken through the power of Jesus Christ. For it is written that Jesus Christ “is greater than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4, NKJV).” Meaning, no curse names can stop what God has prepared for us as long we have the right relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let us be straight forward, names can be pick on by someone else or by a group of people especially in school. Nowadays, people can change their names into something they desire more. However, if they have been bullied about their names, it will not be easy to get rid from all negative emotions they felt. Guess what? Those children that suffered from harassment most likely blame or hate their parent/s or to anyone who suggested their names. Would anyone like to be in that position? Of course, Not. So, let us be wise in choosing names. I am pretty sure that Jabez teased by his own brothers, because his own mother despises his existence. From the given verses, did we read any helped that was offered by Jabez’s brother? NOTHING! No rescued from his own family. If Jabez was looked down by his own siblings and mother, how much more his neighbor? Maybe a selective people helped him in some way but not all the way. The point is, names can be a door way of how a person perceive his own life. It is also how the society view an individual. So, it is really beyond mocking someone else name. Another question should be answered by everyone who is suggesting or giving a name; Will this name be a pathway to success or not? For in reality there are “discrimination” in names. For instance, an interviewer can make an instant decision of whether an applicant deserves a job interview by just reading their first name. This is another factor to considerate in choosing names. Believe it or not, unfairness also takes place in terms of name.

Name is not just identity of an individual because it has a meaning attach to it. Should we measure a person based on their name’s definition? It suppose not to, but there are some people do. Sadly, to say but the society sometimes dictates favoritism based on names. It is important to know that the meaning of a name has a significant value in one’s life. Names speak about our behavior or character and talents. It also brings life or death, curse or blessings like Jabez’s life. However, unpleasant definition of names such as Jabez can be reverse only if we have Jesus Christ in our lives who is the “Only” way, the truth and the life (John 14:6, NKJV). Above all, I am encouraging everyone who is about to be a parent/s to consider the meaning of names before making a final decision. This article is only a suggestion because everyone has the right to choose. However, let us not set aside names and their meanings. For every life has a story to tell in which we stand and “sadly” measured by others whether it’s positive or negative. In other words, we make history with our names engrave to every human being we come across. For those who cannot or do not wish to change their names the only hope is through believing in Jesus Christ. If God call the stars by their special names then we should not disregard the meaning of names (Psalm 147:4). You might ask me the reason why, and my answer is found in Genesis 1:27 that God created us after His image. In Short, we are specially created by God. So, why settle for less? Forget about the names of our favorite actors, singers or any icon. If their pseudonym or real ones has curse attach with it then we should DEATTACHED to it. Why? Because Name Does Matter.


  • Would you believe that a person’s name matters?

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Pasta Shrimp Paste Food Fusion

Travel Deals to top Destinations. Get yours nowPastAlamang: Pasta + Shrimp Paste

This blog is NOT sponsored by anyone, or any organizations and companies.  I am affiliated to some companies, and a representative of AVON which means I only make commissions based on anyone’s purchased product/s from  the links provided.

 While eating and deeping the slice green apples on shrimp paste I started to wonder on how to convince other people to eat this paste without being intimidated with smell or being scared with this food. So, I thought about “pasta” mixing it with “shrimp paste.” This menu was inspired from my native country, Philippines. “Bagoong Alamang” (meat mixed with shrimp paste), one of the Filipino cuisine that has shrimp paste. There are many ways in cooking this delicacy. However, sharing my vision with my beloved mom was priceless, because she contributed techniques and secrets on how to make an awesome meal with this paste. The end result of my pasta  shrimp paste food fusion was a success. We served this to the whole member of the Church, and they loved my “PastAlamang”… No left over!!!

Not only easy to make but it is also budget friendly.

   PastAlamang Ingredients

2 tablespoon of Shrimp Paste

1/2 pork or any meat you desire Twisted Pasta/ Rotini

2 tablespoon of butter

1 ½ tablespoon of salt

2 cloves of garlic

1 Cucumber (take out the seeds, if you prefer)  

Olive oil

1 cup of Coconut milk

1 Eggplant

Please Watch the Video for the Tutorial of PastAlamang

(Pasta+Shrimp Paste)


 For Pasta: While waiting for the water to boil add the butter with the salt (you can always add salt if you like). When the water is boiling put the rotini or any pasta you desire. In this case, twisted pasta or rotini takes 9-11 minutes. Drain the pasta after it is tender.
For Eggplants: Cut them into bite size. On a hot pan with a little oil ( any oil you desire) fry the eggplants until it’s golden brown. Set them aside on a plate.
On a pot, boil the bite size meat with crushed garlic (I used pork but you can have any type of meat you like). Add water BUT make sure it is not above the meat. Turn on the stove into medium high heat. Wait until the water evaporates. After the water is completely gone, add a little oil to fry the meat. Then pour the coconut milk and add the shrimp paste. When the meat starts to produce their natural oil, and the sauce is thickening add the fried eggplants. Gently mixed them for 5-10 seconds. Then turn off the heat.
On a Platter place Shrimp paste sauce at the top of the pasta or mixed the pasta and the shrimp paste ( I prefer to marry them together to evenly distribute the sauce).
 (OPTIONAL) For Cucumber: After you have plated the PastAlamang add the cucumber (peeled or not/ with or without seeds/ bite size or not, depends on you) on top of the meal.
(OPTIONAL) To Sweeten: Simply add sugar on the sauce and gently stir it.



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How to Fight Over Demonic Influences










This blog is NOT sponsored by anyone, or any organizations and companies.  I am affiliated to some companies, and a representative of AVON which means I only make commissions based on anyone’s purchased product/s from  the links provided.

A great battle was ranging before the creation. It was the Very First War that has ever occurred between God and Lucifer. Surely, it was a rebellion hosted by Lucifer with his company against the Only Mighty God. The kind of fight that shook the heaven realms for it was the beginning of SIN (Ezekiel 28:16). Angels begun to segregate themselves of whose side they were with. A warfare that left a mark to Lucifer as satan, the fallen angel. Satan and his partners lost the battle, and forever they will be. So, they are like “a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8, NKJV).” In other words, the devil and his colleagues are merciless spirits who wants to dwell and destroy every human being to snatch us away from our loving God. So, they created tactics that would keep anyone in bondage. How can bad spirits interfere in one’s life? It is through “Demonic Influences” such as: (Leviticus 20:13, Galatians 5:19-20, Deuteronomy 22:5, Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 2 Thessalonians 2:9, Leviticus 19:31, Leviticus 18:23, 1 John 2:16 and many more…)

  1. Consulting Fortune Tellers, Palmistry, Horoscope, Spirit of the glass, Crystal ball, Spiritists. Psychometry, Quija board, Bouyancy, Cartomancy, Necromancy, etc.
  2. Asking or getting healed by Faith healers or seeing Dr. quack-quack.
  3. Idolatry, sorcery, witchcraft, black magic.
  4. Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Horror movies, Accursed articles, ungodly Rituals of organizations or gangs, satanic music, songs that promotes destructions, darkness or anything outside God’s will.
  5. Sexual Immortality: Fornications, Adultery, Orgy, Incest, Pornography, Pedophilia, Homosexuality, Zoophilia, Necrophilia etc.

Some people laugh at satanic rituals because they do not believe such thing as they also have doubts in the existence of God. Whether we like it or not, God is real so as the enemy. We often hear some words using heaven or hell without really knowing the meaning and the consequences behind it. I am NOT here to manipulate anyone or create fear among us. However, I am ready to expose the demonic influences that once got me into. I was once a victim of these practices, but thank God for Jesus Christ who destroyed devil’s scheme in my life. This article purposely written to prevent any devil’s point of entry in one’s life, and for those searching for an answer on how to get deliverance on satanic oppression.

Every seconds of our life counts because it is a non-stop battle between good and evil. So, what are the necessary steps to win this war? Putting On the “Whole Armor of God” is the answer to defeat the enemy (Ephesians 6:10). Imagine a Roman Soldier in the old days. Before they go to the battlefield all soldiers Required to dressed up appropriately and with a mindset of winning the war against their foe. It is the same way in defeating the devil. We all need to be always in red alert because satan is after us. As a soldier of God let us study all necessary armor and their purposes.









The Whole Armor of God

Ephesians 6:14-18


  1. Helmet

In verse 17 of Ephesians Chapter 6, the Helmet stands for “Salvation.” The main purpose of helmet is to protect the head. It is the same manner with our salvation. Remember the incident between Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3)? What was the first thing that satan did with Eve? He messed up with her head. Making her confused and doubtful about God’s Word. Those sweet talks that Eve heard from the serpent lingered inside of her mind until she gave-in. The REAL WAR starts inside our head. Lots of people are not sure if they are save. Sometimes satan would remind our past sins to make us feel filthy, unworthy, undeserving or ugly. However, the Holy Bible tells us that “anyone who is in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (2 Corinthians 5:17, KJV).” Meaning, anyone who received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is a new creation which cancel out all the sins that was committed. Perhaps we encounter unpleasant thoughts about us, with someone or toward others that makes us think twice if we are really save. Please never listen to satan’s whisper that there is no hope in us. For it is written in the Holy Bible, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9, KJV).” In other words, any confessed sins to God is already forgiven and He “will remember their sins no more (Hebrew 8:12, NIV).” Wow!!! This is a great news to all. But just a reminder we do not take advantage of the freedom we have in Jesus for “God cannot be mocked (Galatians 6:7, NIV).” When we allow the demonic influences such as Crystal ball or consulting dr. quack, quack we deceive ourselves just like Eve. She lost her salvation for Eve put her hope in serpent’s words than God. Let us be realistic that stress, depression, fear, negative thoughts starts in our mind. Sometimes people often seek for salvation somewhere else rather than Jesus Christ. We are so agitated to fill-in our senses. Instant gratification is what we always long for. We would rather search for answers with unfamiliar things than God. Salvation can only be found in Jesus Christ (John 3:16 & John 14:6). We should guard ourselves by not losing hope in the salvation of the Lord. If we really want to win the battle of mind then we should put on the Helmet of Salvation.


All soldiers are also obliged to have breastplate because it guards their upper body. The holy scripture describe Breastplate as the “Righteousness” (Ephesians 6:14). As human beings we are not yet perfect. However, anyone who abide in Jesus Christ will be made perfect. The Righteousness that this verse pertaining is about our ‘Character and Attitudes.’ Since our righteousness is Jesus Christ it means we need to be anchored to HIM. When we are deeply rooted in Christ it means we can “bear fruits” (John15:5). What are these fruits? It is the “fruit of the Spirit” which is found in Galatians 5:28: “love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (NKJV).” Some view  righteousness based on moral things such as the 10 commandments. Well, the fruit of Spirit will help us NOT to strive to do the right thing, but the fruit will naturally manifest in our life. The fruit of Spirit will drive us effortless to do the godly things. If we have love we will not able to betray God by molding images to worship others. If we have self-control we will not have the will to commit adultery. If we have patience we will not go to palmistry for immediate answers. If we have goodness we will not hurt anyone by any means. In short, Breastplate of righteousness is protecting the heart of our soul from any spears of satan’s scheme. This required outfit is not based on our hard work because anyone who is connected to Jesus Christ bears fruit (John 15:5). Meaning, the fruit of Spirit is the evidence that one is truly saved. I guess putting on the Breastplate of Righteousness is HAVING RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST.

On the same verse 14 in Chapter 6 of Ephesians, Belt is pertaining to the “TRUTH.” The Roman Soldiers needed to put on the belt to protect their lower body. We all know that Jesus Christ is the truth (John 14:6). However, most of the time we hate or despise to hear the truth. No wonder lots of people are not set free from satan’s bondage. Truth is equivalent of “integrity.” The devil does not have any truth in him, so all he does is deceive people as many as the sands. He wants to tear down every loyal relationships, honest living and so on. Satan is the father of all lies, so, he would do all his might to manipulate every person both young and old through media, feelings and knowledge of man. Sadly, we unconsciously fall on a trap  based on dishonesties. Lies are the ungodly practices and beliefs such as homosexuality, orgy, swingers, and sex before marriage, pornography, horoscope etc. There was a time I said, “OUCH!!!” No matter how much I prayed it won’t work against the enemy. A SINCERE REPENTANCE is a MUST. If NOT, the devil and his company would be laughing at us if we try our hardest to cast them out YET STILL living in a deceitful life. Never forget to put on the Belt of Righteousness. We are free as long we have the Lord and living in truthfulness. So, Never be discourage even no one would join us. Jesus Christ is the TRUTH and if we accepted HIM in our hearts then it means the truth resides in us. Therefore, if we have the truth then lies has no place in us.


A soldier without shield is not ready for a battle. Shield is a MUST-HAVE because it serves as the protection of the whole body. Any time an arrow, a flaming dart or a sword coming, the soldier would use the shield to avoid the weapons against them. The Holy Bible describe Shield as “Faith” (Ephesians 6:16). A man without Faith in God cannot defeat satan’s plot. Never in a gazillion years. Even a person who is consulting or doing black magic, voodoo and so on will never overpower the enemies. In fact, the devil will never bother them because they are already living inside of them. It is just a common sense, why would a bad spirit get out from a person if the spirit is already possessing this individual? Instead of departing they would open the door for more unfamiliar spirits to take over one’s life (Matthew 12:45). Having faith in God will help us soar like eagles that fly above the storm (Isaiah 40:31). In other words, our Faith in God  is gaining confidence that His love is unfailing even surrounded by circumstances. Because of God’s Grace His people will never be weary. It is really important to fix our eyes to Jesus Christ because He is the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2). After all, without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). So, let us all take the Shield of Faith and watch the enemies fiery arrows fall on the ground.


An armor will never be complete without a sword. Soldiers need protections but they also need a weapon to attack their enemies. Ephesians 6:17 talks about the “Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (NKJV).” So, it is wrong not to read the Holy Bible everyday even we finished it cover to cover. When we open the Holy Scripture there is always a new revelation from God. Most of the time people use the Bible as a weapon against a person. Oooppssy daisy… That is a big No! No! It is true that the Holy Scripture is also used to rebuke or for correction (2 Timothy 3:16). However, it is NOT and should NEVER be used to create a commotion and be a stumbling block. One of the things that the Word of God should be use is against all the principalities of the air (satan). Remember when Jesus Christ was tempted by satan? He resist the devil by using the Word of God (Matthew 4:1-11). Jesus knows the Word of God very well. Not because He is God but it is simply reading the Holy Scripture. Meditating the Holy Bible daily help us getting familiar with verses. So, when the devil try to deceive us our memory kicks-in to rebuke satan through God’s word. Therefore, let the Sword of the Spirit be used against satan FEARLESSLY.

6. Shoes
Shoes for soldiers are also necessary in preparing for battles. Imagine a Roman Soldier have all the armor except for their feet. Shod is also a protection on the feet against scrapes, heat, to avoid getting hurt from stones or pebbles etc. How can a soldier be ready to fight if their feet is already aching for not having a pair of shoes? It is the same manner in our walking’s in life. In Ephesians 6:15 speaks about the Shoes as the “preparation of the gospel of peace.” You heard it correctly, that the shod is the gospel of peace. The devil’s work promotes destructions, whereas Christ encourage peace by eliminating satan’s plans. Wherever we go the good news should be preach in our lives. How can we share if we are not passionate about God’s Word? The shoes symbolizes our “standing” as Christians, that we are all ought to bring the gospel of Grace to all parts of the earth without discrimination in appearance and status in life.

girl praying7.Prayerful, Supplication in the Holy Spirit and Watchful

You might raise a question about “prayerful, supplication and watchful armor.” There is NO such Roman armor such as these and I totally agree. However, the Lord commanded us to “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all saints (Ephesians6:18, NKJV).” Why would God include prayer, petition and being alert to a soldier? Because Prayer and supplication is a way of communicating to God. Being Watchful is a secret to close the door to any satan’s invitation. Imagine a battalion who didn’t have any communication to his commander. What do you think will happen? If there is no request will the commander be aware about the specific needs of his company? Surely, they are like sheep without a shepherd. If there is no shepherd the sheep are most likely vulnerable to all traps especially to wild beast like lions and wolves. So, can anyone tell me from their stand point is there a possibility that they can be watchful? I guess it is already too late for them. Instead, being attentive the sheep will probably end up scattered and lost. But anyone who comes to “the good shepherd (Jesus Christ) gives life for the sheep (John 10:27, NKJV).” So whose side are we with? Is it with the enemy that destroys or with God that gives life? If we choose the Lord then we should be prayerful for “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12, NKJV).” Let us all “pray without ceasing, so we can win the battle (1Thessalonians 5:17, NKJV).

Why we should be mindful of these evil works? For the devil will do everything to sway us from the Truth (Jesus Christ) by stealing our joy in our life, to kill our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, and to destroy us completely as if living on earth like a zombie. Investigating the character of satan is like those mini-series of crime investigation where the detectives are not just hunting fugitives but looking for the “Interior MOTIVE.” Satan’s purpose will always remain ‘till the second coming of Jesus Christ. The motive of our enemy toward us is “to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10, NKJV).” By the way the Word of God described satan as a “thief” (John 10:10, NKJV). Please never indicate that devil has a compassion. Remember that satan is a pitiless robber because he has no where to go. He has been cast out from the Kingdom of God, and this makes him ‘homeless.’ In short, satan is looking for a house to dwell and claim it as his own. Would you like your body, mind and soul be occupy by satan?  All he wants is to invade every human being to steal TRUE freedom found ONLY in Jesus, to kill souls and to destroy God’s original plan for us. Does this mean satan is powerful than God. Of course, NOT! The Lord has given us a gift of free will. So, it is our choices that we make if we allow satan to govern over us. Does this mean we do not need God. No! No! No! We need God every single day because Jesus said that “apart from me you can do nothing (John 15:5, NIV).” Meaning, no one can defeat the enemy without the covering and power of Jesus Christ. The bottom line on how to get deliverance on demonic influences is to REPENT in all evil practices because God wants every single human beings to “dwell in the land that the Lord has given to you, and your fathers forever and ever (Jeremiah 25:5, NKJV).” What is this land that the Lord is talking about? HE is Not pertaining to Heaven or a Heavenly life after death. But God is referring to HIS Promises where we can flourish the earth Victoriously. How to maintain  a victorious life? Acknowledging that we are like soldiers with indestructible armor of God through prayers and being a watchman.

Above all, we need to have a Genuine Relationship with Jesus Christ for HE is the ONLY way, the TRUTH and the LIFE (John 14:6). Meaning, without Christ as the CENTER in our LIFE there is NO POSSIBILITY to have the ARMOR OF GOD. Without the armor how can we resist and fight the works of satan? Whether we like it or not, Jesus Christ has all the power we need. Through HIM we can have the “AUTHORITY to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you (Luke 10:19, NIV).” There is a bishop whom I know. He always share to all Christians about his motto which is “No retreat, No surrender.” As children of God I encourage everyone to be confident on His faithful promises even persecution may come for we are the REPRESENTATIVE of CHRIST that cannot be shaken. For those skeptical or furious about this article I am NOT condemning anyone. But this is the TRUTH, take it or leave it. It is our choice, if we believe or not. After all, salvation is individual.

Would you like to pray? IF yes, please say these prayers.

Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you as a sinner, and asking for your forgiveness from all my sins. Jesus Christ I receive you as my Lord and Savior. I offer my life to you and be the center of my heart. Help me to resist the temptation and give me strength to overcome my weaknesses. Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithful love that gives me hope and confidence. Thank you Jesus for giving me the authority to cast out all the enemies plan and work in my life. In the name of Jesus Christ, I break all the bondage of satan in my life. I cancel all the works of the enemy in Jesus name. I am free and victorious in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord for the victory! Thank you Jesus for your precious blood that covers me. Thank you for writing my name in the book of life. I praise your name. In Jesus name, AmenWW2 British Solider

Special Thanks to Uncle/ Bishop Windsor Cabrera who willingly shared lots of great messages about the Word of God. May the Lord bless you and your family more and more…


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How to Get Healing on Emotional Hurts


 Both Men and women, young and old had have drama that created “wounds” in one’s life. It is no joke to have tragedy in life because these damages goes beyond our emotions. Most of the time we try to get rid of these Emotional Hurts by reaching out to our love ones or friends, being involve in the Church, sometimes we embrace make-overs, buy new things or join organizations/ clubs, so on and so forth. I am not saying these steps are wrong, but in reality these pain needs more attention in getting it out in our system completely. For “damages” goes deeper into our “SOUL.” In this case we call it “INNER HURTS.” If an individual is deeply wounded, it leaves “scars.” The scars automatically reminisce those painful time. Some does not need to see their scars because it is already written all over a person’s life. We do not need to have Ph.D. of something to detect a wounded heart, because there are Manifestation of Inner Hurts:

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1. Old age looking

** Looks older than their biological age.

2. Irritable and Reactive (so easily or making small things into a big deal)

e.g. For the very first time in 22 years in marriage, the wife got irritated on how her husband chew his food.

      e.g. The young adult is irritated to hear advice. So, he/she easily react to their parents by answering back without understanding them wholly.

3. Physically Weak (When it is occurring most of the time for no reason)

** e.g. Immune system weakens, etc.

4. Physically Sick (When it is occurring most of the time for no reason)

** e.g. sudden fever, heavy heart, palpitation, etc.4

5. Mentally Unstable

** e.g. Unable to focus, depression, etc.

6. Demonized or Demon possessions or oppression

     Oppression: Anyone who is living unprogressively in all aspects of his/her life such as no personal growth, stagnant life and so on.
       Demonized: An evil spirit living in a person.

If these are the Manifestation then there must be sources of Inner Hurts? Yes!!! There are 3 Main Sources of a Wounded Soul:

1. Unmet Needs – these are basic human needs to survive such as food, shelter, water, clothes, education, love, security and so on.

2. Unhealed Hurts – These are pain that caused by someone or a group whether it’s physical, emotional, psychological and even spiritual (I am pertaining to bad encounter with spiritual advisors or unpleasant experiences inside the Church that affected the spiritual growth).

3. Unresolved Issues – These are the situations that had happened or still occurring but there is a strong sense of ignoring the issues instead of resolving it.

 A new revelation came up to me as I was studying this message. Let us look at these Sources of Inner Hurts in a different angle. Focusing on the causes made me realized that all 3 are interconnected to each other. If needs and even wants are not supplied in a timely manner then it is consider as “Unmet Needs.” When needs and wants are unmet it “attack” a person’s emotions, body and mind set. The manifestation on this criteria will be Old Age, Physically Weak that leads to Sicknesses and Mentally Unstable. Due to Unmet Needs it “give birth” to “Unhealed Hurts.”  Almost all the signs of Inner Hurts are prominent on this stage. Because of Unhealed Hurts, people are “Irritable or Reactive, Mentally Unstable, Demon Possessed or Oppressed that makes a person looks older than their age (Old Age Looking). The end result of Unhealed Hurts is “Unresolved Issues.” On this level it touches all symptoms of Inner Hurts. There is a heaviness on Unresolved Issues because some individual TYRING to be in-control of their uncontrollable situation, so, they turn to black magic or tarot reading, etc. Through these proceedings many people are unaware that they made a way for demons to control their life. To recap this theory, we could really see that these 3 Sources of Inner Hurts are connected to each other.

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  Maybe my proposition about the 3 Sources of Inner Wounds are intertwine to each other. But I also realized that the main ROOT is “Unmet Needs.” Society might dictate or influence what are supposed to be needs and wants but it really depends on a person. For instance, one might perceive car as a necessity (needs) but some people car is an option (wants). Whatever our criteria in needs and wants, if it is UNMET it will always branch out into Unhealed Hurts which gives rise to Unresolved Issues.

Now that we are familiar with the causes of inward pains, let us talk about the solutions. Before we tackle the answers let us ask ourselves with this REAL question; what kind of help are we searching for? Is it a help from outside world (human knowledge) or from God? Absolutely, nothing wrong with self-help books, consulting to any professionals, friends or love ones, listening to motivational speakers, etc. But one must be aware that all these offers or help are “ONLY Superficial or Temporary.” We might find ourselves ‘materializing’ these solutions towards our physical body or re-evaluating, recreating our environment, and rebooting our mind set for personal growth. Sounds good to me. But it is not the same offer of our Lord Jesus Christ to every heavy heart.


Jesus Christ said on Matthew 11:28, “Come to Me, all you who are labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (NKJV).” Imagine a King or a President invited you to come to his palace to lay down all your burdens, because he will help you. That would be totally awesome!!! It is the same thing with this verse that Jesus is inviting us to approach Him. So, No One can say that God does not care. Two words to understand this Holy Scripture, “Reaching out.” God is reaching out to us. The question is how many of us would be willing to reach back to Him? When we proceed on this verse, the invitation of God is open for “all you who are labor and are heavy laden (Matthew 11:28, NKJV).” The Lord already knows the pride of man in which we always find ourselves empty and alone. This is the reason Jesus is inviting us to His presence and STOP exerting effort to find solutions because Christ is the ONLY answer. When we approach the Lord with all our hearts His presence will give us REST. Christ REST is “for your souls (Matthew 11:29, NKJV).” No matter how deep the wounds or how disgusting and huge the scar is, if we give our life to Jesus Christ there is REST. We need to be mindful when we offer our life to Christ it means we TRUST Him as well. Many times we thought praying alone is the right way of approaching God. No, my friend. Putting our trust in God is a MUST. Why? Because in Proverbs 3:5-6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths (NKJV).” God’s ways is not the same as ours (Isaiah 58:8-9). In short, trusting the Lord gives direction so you and I can have “REST.”

Emotional Hurts is like a chain when one is a victim they too become the abuser. Consciously or Unconsciously when we are hurt the manifestations become the instrument to cause pain to others as well. These Inner Hurts should never take it likely or suppress the agony because it will only do harm  within us and to our surroundings. But I have a good news for everybody that Christ is the answer for ALL our needs. Please do not think I am promoting a religion. No, I am not. Having relationship with Jesus Christ is more important. It does not require any money because salvation is free. Never be intimidated about sin because Jesus Christ came for the sinners (Mark 2:17). In other words, everyone is qualified to call on Jesus. Just come as you are. Jesus can heal every pain and be free from any bondages of hurt. All we need to do is to have an open heart to God. Reach back to the Lord because He has been waiting for us to come to Him. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6, NKJV). So, who and where else can we go? Only Jesus is the way to have REAL REST and still find rest even in the midst of storm. Because Rest in Jesus is having unshakable Peace.

Do you want to pray? If so, please say these prayers….

Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for your love that saved me. I acknowledge that I am a sinner, and forgive me from all my sins. Wash me with your precious blood, Jesus. I receive you Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. Be the center of my life. Jesus, I need you to heal me from all these pain I’ve been carrying. Honestly, I tried everything and it seems nothing is working. So, I want to rest in You, Jesus. Lord God I need your presence that gives peace. I surrender  my weaknesses, my heart aches, my future, my all to you for I trust in You. Help me to forgive, and love others. Lord God, guide me in my life and in all my decisions. Thank you for the new life you have given to me. Thank you God for sending Jesus so I might live in freedom. Thank you for your love Jesus that transform me. Thank you Holy Spirit for Your comfort and for reminding me about God’s everlasting love and unfailing promises. Thank you for a new life. I love you, Lord. This is my prayer. In Jesus Mighty name, Amen!

Please Watch the Video on YouTube for more explanation. God bless everyone!!!

Special Thanks to Uncle/ Bishop Windsor Cabrera who willingly shared lots of great messages about the Word of God. May the Lord bless you and your family more and more…

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